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Darragh Fanning says .. Symbol groups get real-time technology from Celtech

by on May 2, 2012 in Ecommerce, Ireland, Marketing, Nuggets, Retail, Tech

Celtech, the leading provider of fully-scalable true real-time centralised systems, has created a trading portal for symbol groups, which enables wholesalers, independent retailers and suppliers to collaborate in real-time, creating greater visibility across the supply chain, streamlining processes and in so doing delivering operational efficiencies and agility.

Celtech’s symbol group trading portal allows trading partners to easily create, receive, share, view and track orders. Access is provided to previous order history which includes full account and order information, from product and price details to credit limit and account status.  Trading partners also have access to, and can share information relating to delivery, invoicing and the progress of outstanding orders, all in real-time.

PCs to tablets

The ab-initio trading portal is accessible via a variety of devices, ranging from PCs to tablets and smart phones. Trading partners can gain access to increasing levels of sophistication and integration at a pace that is manageable for all participants. Features such as full store sales, stock and cash management, promotional price recommendations, auto replenishment and waste reduction to name but a few are available.

Darragh Fanning, Celtech CEO, states: “We created the trading portal for symbol groups to enable an unprecedented level of real-time collaboration across wholesale, retail and supply.  As a result, there are huge benefits for all parties in terms of supporting operational efficiency and continuity.  True real-time is essential because it generates streamlined operations across the supply chain and provides the ability to see exactly what is happening as it is happens”.

“Consequently the business can react immediately to market changes and ultimately, this provides the best possible service.  And in the highly competitive world of the symbol group and independent retailer, customer service excellence is fundamental to success.


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