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Three randomly selected Rapanui t-shirts or tops only £39.95 – save up to £35

We at theMarketingblog have set up this special with the chaps at Rapanui. It’s well worth a closer look.

Rapanui say : We know that sometimes choosing which product to buy isn’t easy. So we’ve decided to help you out and take the decision off your hands; through our Lucky Dip offer we’ll give you three randomly selected Rapanui t-shirts (for the guys) or tops (for the girls) from our online collection.

And you only pay £39.95 – a saving of up to £35. Pretty sweet deal.

Simply let us know your size and we’ll pick out three tees or tops for you at random from our current collection, or maybe (if you’re lucky) we might throw in a secret, limited edition print from our official store.

How it works

Rapanui Clothing – Lucky Dip

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