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Giving a brand a “voice” makes it feel more human and trustworthy / Liz Doig

by on October 24, 2012 in featured item, Media, Nuggets, PR

“Brand Language: Tone of Voice the Wordtree Way”

The first step-by-step textbook for creating a tone of voice

In the world of marketing and communications, it’s becoming increasingly important to be able to convey a brand’s personality with the words it uses.

Giving a brand a “voice” makes it feel more human and trustworthy. And as a result, it increases the brand’s ability to form and strengthen relationships.  

There are some notable examples of brands that use clear and consistent voices in the marketplace. But it’s still far from the norm.

Most struggle to develop a voice that’s appropriate, and that works in all circumstances. So it’s still very common for a brand to have banner ads that sound completely different to its service emails, or its marketing brochures or its policies and terms and conditions.

Author Liz Doig has worked with brands ranging from Coutts through to Durex, and has trained thousands of people to write in their organisation’s tone of voice.

Liz and her consultancy Wordtree have developed a tried and trusted approach to creating brand language.

It’s shared in this easy-to-follow, step-by-step textbook that is already being described as a must-have for all marketers and business owners.

Additional info

Wordtree is a boutique brand language consultancy that helps household name brands and organisations to create their tone of voice. The consultancy also writes and trains people to write.

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Please contact Matthew John at Wordtree on 0800 1223 770.






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