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Movers & Groovers / Misha Tsvelik to Research Operations Director EasyInsites

by on October 30, 2012 in London & South East, Marketing, Movers & Groovers, Nuggets, Research

EasyInsites announced today that it has promoted Misha Tsvelik to Research Operations Director.  Misha has been with EasyInsites from close to the beginning, as the company was founded in March 2009 and Misha joined in August that same year.

Misha will have an expanded role to encompass all research operations at EasyInsites, primarily concentrating on the build and management of custom panels, and the scripting & hosting of online surveys.

Misha has made substantial contributions to the research operations delivery, advancements, and excellence at EasyInsites over the past several years, including most recently having had considerable involvement with the company’s published white papers examining the impact that mobile devices have on the online survey taking experience, quality and consistency of data, and panelist satisfaction across the world.  These white papers include a CASRO Technology Conference 2012 paper entitled “Devices Used To Access Surveys Are Changing Rapidly – Are You Prepared?” and an upcoming paper to be presented by Misha at next week’s ESOMAR 3D Conference in Amsterdam on November 6th entitled “Device Diversity – Understanding the complexity of varied devices for taking surveys – a case study”.

At the same time, EasyInsites announced an 18% increase in revenue year to date.  This continued revenue growth is sourcing from the company’s success with building and managing custom panels across a variety of existing and new end clients, as well as research and media agency clients, primarily located in the US and UK.  EasyInsites client base continues to span across many different sectors, including FMCG, Retail, Luxury Goods, Media, Financial Services, and Business Services.

EasyInsites: Charles Pearson, Founder and Managing Director, EasyInsites:  “Misha is a tremendous and absolutely key member of the EasyInsites team.  Our ability to deliver consistently on-time and with a very high level of quality, expertise and insight would not have been possible without Misha’s extreme intelligence, commitment and passion for what we do.”

EasyInsites: Misha Tsvelik, Research Operations Director, EasyInsites:  “I have been involved in all areas of our operations and participated in the growth and development.  This experience has given me the opportunity to work with some really talented people and interesting clients, and to learn a multitude of things I would not experience elsewhere.  I am extremely proud of the very hands-on team we have built in a relatively short time which is comprised of an incredibly diverse and valuable set of skills.  I am really looking forward to using my knowledge and ideas in this new role to help power our continued success.”

About EasyInsites

EasyInsites is a full service online research agency specialising in custom panels and research communities.  EasyInsites provides its clients with a range of innovative online research services including custom panels, online surveys, online bulletin boards/forums, webcam interviews and co-creation/crowd sourcing methods.  Our key product is EasyPanel, our custom panel product that enables faster and more cost effective research with a client’s customers, consumers, viewers, subscribers, employees or markets.

EasyInsites also provides the option for clients to monetise their panel by making their panel “open” to other researchers via the Cint Access platform.  Clients without their own custom panels also turn to EasyInsites for their online research needs, since we are expert in fielding online research and utilising online panels and procuring sample as needed from a variety of panels on the Cint Access platform or from other access panel providers around the world.  For more information, please visit us at

For enquiries, please contact:

Charles M. Pearson, Founder & Managing Director

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