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How to protect “the best” Event Marketing tool?

Reinoud Tjallema – Marketing Manager @ writes People tend to think that email marketing is an “old skool” channel, however it the most used event marketing channels as we speak! (Source: Hubspot, EMI, IBB)

You didn´t see that one coming, didn’t you? Since Social Media has made its entrance, people tend to think this is the holy grail when it comes to reaching and interacting with your (potential) visitors. I know, it is great, while it is direct, fast, targeted and cheap.  However email marketing is still standing strong!

So, how do you prevent email list fatigue? How do you optimize your event marketing efforts & results without spamming the… out of your contacts.

Let’s start with the definition “email list fatique”

Email list fatigue is the slow decline of “action” by your email marketing recipients. Over time, your email list doesn’t open as many emails, click through to your website or forward it on to friends as they once did. What once started off as a promising and thriving relationship is slowly sinking into blahsville. Not to worry, it is pretty normal and there are many ways to right the ship so to speak.

So, how do you combat email list fatigue and reinvigorate your customers?

#1. Segment Your Email List
Not everyone on your email list is tired of you. Keep those active customers in a separate list. According to them, whatever you’re doing is working. However you define “inactive” is your choice, but these are the customers that you’re going after.
If you have a multilingual client base (like us) , you should also adjust the language in your mailings. English is a well understood languages, but doesn’t read as comfortable as the mother tongue of a certain recipient.

#2. Taking a Break
Yes, you did read that. Stop emailing this group of customers immediately. Most likely the reason that they’re not responding to what you’re doing is because you’re emailing them too often. Bonus tip: This is a good time to reevaluate your email campaign frequency.


#3. Plan

There are optimal times to send a mailing and you should take those moments into account. In general 8am-10am & 3pm-4pm, are great timeslots to mail. Which day is best? You should really figure out what works for you. Test it with a small mailing via, uhm, lets say, Mailchimp .

#4. Hit ‘Em Hard
Once the email embargo is over, it is the right time to get back at these lost customers and remind them why they shopped with you in the first place. Offer them a deal that they can’t refuse. Offer them a chance to sign up for your rewards program. Whatever it is, it needs to be amazing.
Next to this, it should also be “to the point”. People are becoming more busy by the day, so make sure they could grasp you message within a blink of an eye.

#.5 Ask for Feedback
After you’ve lured them back in, send them an online survey that asks, pointblank, why they stopped being active with you. Ask the hard questions. You’ll learn, once and for all, what you did to drive them away.

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