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Giving all organisations access to the “big boys marketing toys” / James Critchley, CEO of cloud.IQ

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cloud.IQ Launches powerful marketing Apps accessible to all

cloud.IQ, one of the UK’s hottest TechCity start ups have launched its first set of digital marketing apps that aim to open up the integrated marketing world by giving all organisations access to the “big boys marketing toys”.

The new applications are the first of a series to be launched over the next few months and are focused on helping organisations convert more website visitors into sales by quickly adding a call-back service, deploying a cart recovery process and optimising their mobile websites.

The investment was made through Bridges Ventures’ Sustainable Growth Fund, which aims to deliver both positive financial returns and social and environmental benefits. Bridges’ investment in cloud.IQ supports one of its key impact themes: investing in underserved areas. cloud.IQ is based in Hackney, part of the Tech City cluster of technology, digital and creative media firms.

James Critchley, CEO of cloud.IQ, said; “Over 75% of web customers abandon their purchase midway through a transaction. There are multiple reasons for this, but one thing is certain – businesses shouldn’t give up at that point. Something as simple as a customer service agent calling them back, or a text offering further help can bring a customer back on-side and dramatically boost conversion rates. Our apps intelligently remarket to customers across whatever channel is most appropriate, improving interactions at a time when every sale counts.”

Research by Forrester shows that for every £100 spent on driving traffic to websites, only £1 is spent converting that traffic into business. cloud.IQ believes that this focus can be redressed by providing businesses with affordable, simple yet integrated tools to help them to communicate with customers across multiple channels; the web, text, social media and over the phone.

Cost from as little as £10 a month

Founded on proven technology that has been used across over 12,000 campaigns in the enterprise market, the new apps are delivered via the cloud, meaning they are self-service, can be deployed in minutes and cost from as little as £10 a month. The conversion focused apps will be supported by future app launches that will build into a sophisticated integrated digital marketing platform. Businesses will be able to select the apps that best suit their business needs enabling them to intelligently communicate with their customers across multiple channels.

All cloud.IQ apps will be available from one online interface, providing marketeers with the autonomy to create, manage and analyse their marketing campaigns. The suite of conversion-focused marketing applications includes;

callMe bridges the gap between your website and telesales team. 40% of all online sales complete on the phone, a free callMe button increases inbound sales leads by 10% but also crucially increases conversions when compared to other ‘contact me’ options (such as forms or email)by providing businesses with a fast and easy way to transfer a web visit into an inbound sales call. The customer simply enters their phone number and is called back as soon as an agent is free so customers do not have wait in lengthy phone queues. Calls out of hours are rescheduled for the next working day to ensure no enquiries are lost.

mobileWeb application provides businesses with the technology to easily and quickly create their own mobile-friendly version of their website in a matter of minutes. Research has shown (source: Compuware) that up 40% of customers have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.

cartRecovery application enables businesses to track and recover abandoned carts by automatically remarketing to customers who drop out part way through the checkout process. It’s a customer service centric application which gives businesses the opportunity to re-engage with lost consumers on a one to one business through the consumer’s preferred channels of communication.

Critchley concludes: “We want to do for integrated marketing what did for CRM and the launch of our first apps demonstrates our intention to bring simplicity and value to the integrated marketing world. We believe all businesses should benefit from the advancements in technology – not just enterprises with deep pockets – and the simple, affordable cloud based marketing apps will transform the way all businesses communicate with customers across multiple channels.”

About cloud.IQ
cloud.IQ is a provider of cloud based integrated marketing applications. Our technology has been developed using experience gained from over 10 years of delivering cutting edge digital marketing solutions to the world’s leading brands. Only previously available for large enterprises, our applications are affordable and easy to use helping companies acquire more customers, convert more opportunities and engage and build customer value and loyalty. We are backed by Bridges Ventures, a private investment firm and we have offices in London and Sydney.


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