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“The enquirer who has been hanging on for ages will soon begin to think that they are of little importance” – Telephone Systems Direct

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Exclusive : TheMarketingblog are delighted to feature a series of videos from Telephone Systems Direct which focus on improving your operation’s phone etiquette. You will enjoy this ‘preacher’ one which has as its message – ‘Answer your telephone system by the 3rd ring’

I enjoyed the quirkiness of using an amusing American acting as a preacher to hammer home this point. The videos are tongue in cheek but the point is serious. To view more helpful phone tips, visit –

This will make a positive impression on the caller. The call will immediately be better than if you let the telephone ring four or five times or more.

You need to appreciate that when he/she is on the other end of the line listening to it ringing – time goes much more slowly than normal. This is because the person has not got any distraction of any kind. They are simply only hearing the sound of the ring-tone of the distant telephone. The enquirer who feels that he has been hanging on for ages will soon begin to think that they are of little importance to the outfit that they are calling and become irritable at the delay.

In fact the longer telephone remains unanswered the more their irritation will grow and could possibly see them putting the receiver down on the telephone system. As this could have been an important sales enquiry this is a very undesirable out come for the company.

If the client has a query or complaint then it is possible that you will have more trouble dealing with them if you have annoyed them further before you have even lifted your handset.

To view more helpful phone tips, visit –

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