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Waitrose’s frozen burgers are supplied from one of the sites where horse DNA was found

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“Tens of thousands of firms could be serving horsemeat burgers …

“Horsegate” scandal at rivals was inevitable – Waitrose

LONDON – Britain’s “Horsegate” scandal, where horse DNA was found in beef burgers, was the inevitable result of major supermarkets squeezing their suppliers and could lead to a change in shopping habits, the head of upmarket grocer Waitrose told Reuters.

Waitrose last night became the latest company to be dragged into the horse meat scandal as it admitted it had withdrawn thousands of beefburgers from its supermarkets. The chain pulled six product lines from its stores nationwide after its supplier Dalepak was temporarily stripped of its British Retail Association food standards accreditation.

Waitrose insisted it is ‘100 per cent confident’ that there was no horse meat in any of its burgers.

Tens of thousands of pubs, restaurants and takeaway joints could be serving burgers contaminated with horsemeat, as one of the biggest wholesale suppliers in the country has removed several beefburger brands from sale.

Cash and carry firm Makro, wholesaler to more than a million small firms and 130,000 caterers, has pulled 16 beefburger brands as a “precautionary measure”. Freezers lay empty as Sainsburys withdrew burger brands on Wednesday night, with Aldi, Lidl and the Co-op doing likewise. Tesco and Iceland had pulled their beef burger brands on Tuesday.

Amid this scare, experts are warning tainted burgers could have been could have been on sale for years.

Tim Lang, a professor of food policy at City University, told TheTelegraph: “It could have been going on for years but we wouldn’t know about it because we have never conducted tests.

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