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Product news: Apple and Blackberry at it again

by on March 5, 2013 in Apps, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, Retail, Retail News, Twitter

Ceres Fruit Juice, one of South Africa’s most beloved home-grown brands has launched a Ceres Limited Edition Apple flavour in a cheeky response to Liqui-Fruit’s recent release of the Liqui-Fruit BlackBerry Flavour.

“We thought we would have a bit of fun by responding to Liqui-Fruit’s recently launched blackberry flavour by launching a limited edition apple, just like competing handset brands out there ” says Nabeel Schrueder, Brand Manager, Ceres.

As part of the launch, Ceres has released an exciting interactive online game which can be found on the Ceres Facebook Page. The tongue in cheek game encourages users to ‘root out the cheeky blackberry’s that have snuck into the beautiful Ceres Valley’ to stand a chance in winning one of seven Apple iPhone 5’s. The game consists of the Ceres Limited Edition Apple clearing the valley of all the sneaky blackberry’s by shooting apples at their competitor.

The Ceres Limited Edition 200ml Apple packs are available from March at all participating petrol station forecourts and Fruit and Veg City’s.

For more information please visit the Ceres Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter @ceresfuitjuice



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