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Women for Women : An appeal to women to share their own boob type

by on September 8, 2014 in Advertising, Best advertising story, Lead Article, Retail, Retail News, Special Issue, Women for Women

Bonds invites women to create their own 'boobicons' in latest phase of BOOBS campaign - mUmBRELLA | Enjoy - Fresh 'Social Business' News from theMarketingblog |

Bonds has launched the latest phase of its BOOBS campaign which includes the creation of ‘boobicons’ and an appeal to women to share their own boob type on …

Will Corry’s insight:

Bonds general marketing manager Tanya Deans said: “We want Aussie women of all shapes and sizes to give Bonds bras a go.

We’ve always been there for smaller busts but our range of full busted bras now features the fabrics, colours and prints that will ensure a larger variety Aussie boob types can feel supported and stylish in a Bonds bra.”


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