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CES 2015 – Top brands & Top 8 trends being mentioned and talked about / Hotwire Group

by on January 9, 2015 in Apps & Software, Entertainment, Film, Gadgets, Gamification, Lead Article, Media, Music, Nuggets, Research, Tech, TV

Top brands being talked about : 

1) Samsung – 18,643 tweets

2) Panasonic – 8,312 tweets

3) Intel – 7,444 tweets

4) IGN – 6,875 tweets

5) Audi – 3,966 tweets

6) Android – 3,757 tweets

7) LG – 3,758 tweets

8) Sony – 2,019 tweets

9) Google – 1,384 tweets

10) BMW – 1,083 tweets

Top 8 trends being mentioned

1) 4k TV – 15,912 tweets

2) Wearables – 3,998 tweets

3) IOT – 3,816 tweets

4) Car – 2,552 tweets

5) Health – 1,411 tweets

6) Smart watch – 1,087 tweets

7) 3D printing – 1,022 tweets

8) Gamergate – 935 tweets

Alex Maclaverty, Hotwire Group MD shares her thoughts on CES 2015:

“CES is the annual focal point for technophiles everywhere and while there are rarely any big surprises in the major trends, the accolade of most talked-about brand is always up for grabs. As brands, vendors, media and increasingly tech-savvy consumers head to Vegas for inspiration around the hottest gadgets for 2015, social media continues to be the best way to follow the event for the average consumer, and plays the most significant role in hyping up new products.

“Looking at the major topics and brands trending on Twitter, this year at CES it was all about the 4K TV, Internet of Things, wearable tech and connected cars. Big brands continue to steal the limelight at the techno toy fair with Samsung, Panasonic and Intel looking set to make 4K mainstream in 2015.

We’re quite used to improvements in the television viewing experience, so, for me, the most exciting technologies coming out of CES this year are all about how the Internet of things, particularly through wearables and the connected car, will revolutionise the way we run our lives – perhaps 2015 will be the year we set ourselves to ‘automatic’ mode.”


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