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Here are the three things to consider when you’re testing the Internet for its marketing prowess

by Will Corry on September 25, 2015 in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Ireland, Lead Article, Mobile/Tablet, Online Advertising, Retail News, Small Business, Startups

One of the things which no one can deny is that people get their information in a variety of more ways than ever. For businesses this can be a challenging thing to wrap their collective consciousness around. Of course you want to stick with tried and true metrics which have always worked for you. However the significance of Internet marketing in today’s world cannot be overstated.

Here are the three things to consider when you’re testing the Internet for its marketing prowess.


You know your customers better than anyone; likely then you know where you get most of your customers from. Is it from word of mouth? Are most of your customers coming to you from a television advert? What about the customers who come from newspaper or magazine ads? You may even get a good amount of customers from billboard or radio ads.

You should be aware of where your customers are coming from as that will definitely help to inform where to focus your future marking efforts. If you get a lot of your business from word of mouth; say you’re in the contracting industry or something along those lines; that still mightn’t preclude you from getting even more work by branching out to an online platform.


Another thing worth considering is what type of industry are you in? Some people think that something like a local barber or an intimate upscale restaurant would benefit little from online advertisements. It’s hard to find an area where the online gods haven’t taken over.

So whatever industry you are in you can pretty reliably find an audience in the online world. Even if you are sure that your business can’t benefit at all from online ads there are groups out there who specialise in this type of thing and they may be able to show you areas you hadn’t before considered.


The bottom line is that we all use the Internet. Even if you have no computer and no cell phone and no tablet, your life is inextricably tied to the online world. Whether it’s when making a reservation at a restaurant or talking to someone in customer service or buying a shirt from the store, you are going to be tapping into the immense power and reach of the Internet. Right now, even reading this article, you are taking part in the online experience. So why wouldn’t you want to drill into that untapped marketplace for your business and your product? There are so many people out there who may become loyal customers for your brand and for your business if only they knew where to find you. This is where the online marketing gurus can help you break out from your shell and find a whole new audience for your business!

If you have decided the significance of Internet marketing in today’s world is too important to ignore, you will probably be on the right side of history. Still the idea of jumping headfirst into Internet marketing when you have no real experience with the platform can seem daunting. If you need a partner in Facilitating Commerce & Relationships then you should call on the company of the same name. FCR Media can help you with all of your Internet marketing efforts. The team there is more than willing to help you understand the potential of online marketing and exactly where your business can fit into that scheme.

Check out their website and then if you like what you see, reach out! They will help your business reach its potential for online customers sooner than you know !


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