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Research : 80% of consumers who are ‘unfulfilled’ by omnichannel shopping represent huge opportunity / Rockpool Digital

by Contributing Editor on May 12, 2016 in Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, Lead Article, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Nuggets, Research, Retail News, Rock 'n Roll

Research : 80% of consumers who are ‘unfulfilled’ by omnichannel shopping represent huge opportunity / Rockpool Digital

Rockpool Digital finds four out of five people think shopping isn’t a personalised experience, but majority want joined-up online and in-store approach

UK retailers are missing out on consumers’ huge appetite for joined-up shopping because they’re not yet geared up to keep pace with changing buying habits, according to research from digital customer experience agency Rockpool.

Near-universal mobile phone access, social media and the birth of the Internet of Things are hampering attempts by retailers to create a truly omnichannel customer shopping experience. Personalisation is crucial to success, but according to the survey a massive  80% of customers still don’t see evidence of it in their on and offline shopping visits.

Rockpool’s report, ‘Omnichannel: the future of department store retailing’, outlines findings from the survey of 1,000 consumers*, identifying common attitudes about the total retail experience. The results shed light on the state of omnichannel retail and show that consumers are seeking solutions to their frustrating interactions with retailers. The survey revealed results in three categories:


  • Online and physical options remain critical to consumer buying options – 63% of respondents compared prices online before buying in-store, while 40% take cues from online reviews
  • Try before you buy still appeals – 78% reported they like to touch a product when in-store and 59% still want to try before they buy
  • Digital and in-store lack consistency – 64% reported inconsistent pricing between online and in-store outlets
  • As part of a qualitative element to the research, one respondent observed: “In most cases, the digital and in-store experiences [of the same retailer] are disconnected and feel like separate shops entirely.”






  • Computer is king and in-store is second in line when buying a product – 80% purchase products on their PC and 76% prefer to buy in-store
  • Mobile experience still has a way to go – only a third of respondents rated the mobile shopping experience as ‘fantastic’ or even ‘good’
  • Customer service is becoming faster, however it is not always joined up across channels – 56% reveal customer service representatives had been unable to access their personal information collected through other channels










  • Delivery and returns remain a pain point for consumers – flexibility is vital as customers like to flit between click and collect (77%); digital delivery (62%); in-store purchase to home delivery (56%); and online reservation to in-store purchase (48%)
  • Consumers remain relaxed around delivery times – 65% expect delivery within two to three days, compared to only 15% anticipating next-day delivery
  • However, shoppers still demand the option of fast delivery – 57% report they have paid to receive goods more quickly
  • Delivery time slots are the new routine – 94% would like to be offered a choice of specific, timed delivery slots








Bruce Griffin, CEO and founder of Rockpool Digital, @rockpooldigital said: “Following our consumer research, one thing is crystal clear – customers feel unfulfilled by the combined shopping experience offered across channels. If retailers want to survive in a customer-centric age, they need to improve their approach across the entire customer journey.

“Retailers are missing an opportunity. Consistent product ranges and pricing across channels creates an ecosystem that encourages customer loyalty. To cut through and keep consumers happy, retailers should embrace a strategy that is much more flexible, intuitive and cohesive. Only then will they provide the personalised shopping environment that the vast majority of people say is missing.”

*Research method

Rockpool asked 1,000 consumers a variety of quantitative and qualitative questions around shopping habits; how they use digital to browse and buy; and how the shopping experience could be improved in the future.

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