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Was he a brutal dictator or a champion of social justice? – Jeremy Corbyn on Castro

by on November 27, 2016 in featured item, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Rock 'n Roll, Special Issue

Jeremy Corbyn claims ‘for all his flaws’ Fidel Castro was a champion of social justice – sparking a hilarious flood of Internet memes

  • Labour leader said ‘for all his flaws’ he was a ‘champion of social justice’
  • Mr Junker wrote that ‘the world has lost a man who was a hero for many’
  • Critics of Cuban revolutionary accused men of praising a brutal dictator



Jeremy Corbyn has been mocked for his claim that Fidel Castro ‘for all his flaws’ was a champion of social justice in a flood of hilarious internet memes.

The Labour leader appeared to gloss over allegations of human rights abuses levelled at Castro, leaving opportunist comedians to compare the former Cuban leader to James Bond villains and Osama bin Laden.

Meanwhile, Mr Junker said the revolutionary had been a ‘hero to many’, leading to both men being accused of praising a brutal communist dictator with a ‘disdain’ for democracy.



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