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Facebook and Meetrics partner for third-party verification of ad views

by on March 9, 2017 in Advertising, Best advertising story, Business, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, Retail

Facebook and Meetrics partner for third-party verification of ad views

For the first ever time, Facebook is partnering with a European ad verification company on the viewability and view duration of display and video ads on Facebook services.

Facebook and Meetrics partner to provide more transparency in the digital media market

Is the social network’s first collaboration with a European ad verification provider. Goal is to offer independent third-party verification for the delivery of display and video ads on Facebook services.

Acting as an independent provider, Meetrics will offer advertisers new options to verify the viewability and view duration of their campaigns on Facebook services.

The partnership with Meetrics underlines Facebook’s commitment to transparency and control for advertisers. In January, Facebook announced the expansion of its global partnerships with independent verification providers comScore, Integral Ad Science and Moat. As people come into contact with ads through more and more channels, two aspects are increasingly important for advertisers in measuring campaign performance: cross-channel comparability and verification by independent third-party providers.

: “For us, the success of our clients always comes first. More than 4.5 million advertisers worldwide rely on Facebook to drive real business results. The results of Facebook advertising have been verified by numerous independent studies. Many brand advertisers are looking for additional transparency on the viewability of the different ad formats on Facebook to measure their campaign performance.

That’s why we’re very much looking forward to working with Meetrics to further expand our transparency initiative. However, we also see that rethinking common market standards, especially regarding mobile media consumption, will become even more important going forward.”

Meetrics Co-Founder and CEO Philipp von Hilgers: “Our clients want to have independent verification of the metrics provided by social networks about display and video ad views. This partnership provides advertisers with valuable insight and confidence which they can factor into their media planning.”

Max von Hilgers, Meetrics Co-Founder and CEO: “Against a background of increasing social media budgets for international campaigns, we are seeing more demand for viewability measurements across the European markets. Our groundbreaking partnership with Facebook provides our advertiser clients with this much-needed reassurance for international campaign planning.”



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