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How to leverage the visitor opinion for enhancing your website’s visibility and conversion rates?

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How to leverage the visitor opinion for enhancing your website’s visibility and conversion rates?

How to leverage the visitor opinion for enhancing your website’s visibility and conversion rates?

Polls and feedback –

Your company’s website acts as a window for your customers from where they learn what your business all about, what services or products you offer, in what way you can cater them and why should they choose your business over your counterparts.

Thus, a website is one of the strongest marketing tools that your business can leverage to strengthen its brand awareness, recognition and customer loyalty. But, most of the times, your business website fails in attracting the number of visitors you are anticipating. In such scenario, you need to deploy a plethora of techniques to enhance your website’s visibility and to attract the visitors.

Polls and Feedback By Users

The user surveys, polls an feedback are among the most powerful tools any brand can use to glean valuable information about what problems your users are encountering.

Most often, we understand that our website is lacking in certain aspects due to which it is not able to attract the optimum number of visitors, and even when it is able to bring an influx of users, they  bounce off in a very short mount of time. Consequently, the company is not able to generate valuable leads that can be used to enhance the overall sales and ROIs. But, what we do not clearly comprehend that what exactly is the problem and how to eradicate it.

The polls and feedback from users are the best way to get this information. Surveys, polls and feedbacks are not only cost-effective, but also reveal a lot about the opinion of the customers. These opinions come directly from your potential customers, thus, can prove quite effective in enhancing the website’s visibility and conversion rates.

How to use Polls and Feedback to Enhance website’s visibility and conversion rates?

There are many ways to implement the insights received from the polls and feedback in order to improve the visibility of the website and its conversion rates.

  • First of all, through feedback and polls you get the information about what elements of the website your customers really like and what they dislike. So, you can work on either eliminating the elements which are disliked or can modify them as per customers’ opinion. This will reduce the bounce rate and will enable the customers to stay for a bit longer periods.
  • When you regularly take the feedback from customers and implement it, it enhances the trust of the customer into the brand as they feel their opinions are valued. As a result, it increases the brand loyalty, and also impacts your sales.
  • With the feedback, you can actually improve your site and introduce the perspective of the visitors into it. As the site will become easier for them to navigate, they will engage more with the website, thereby, providing you valuable and convertible leads.
  • The data collected by the polls and feedback can be put into the analytic tools to derive resourceful insights about the customer behaviour, and this information can them be implemented to enhance the effectiveness of the website.




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