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5 marketing tricks we can learn from online casinos

by on September 29, 2017 in Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Gamification, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets

5 marketing tricks we can learn from online casinos

Did you know that tens of billions of dollars are spent annually on gambling online?

While that includes both sports betting and real money casino games, it’s safe to say a fair percentage of that is spent on slots, scratchcards, roulette, and other casino games.  What does this tell us? That online casino marketers are experts at getting people to part with their money – which is the aim of every business, truth be told.

Through years of working in this industry, we have come to learn some of the ways they do it. The tactics are applicable to many other businesses, too, so whatever it is you’re selling, you can apply some of these marketing tactics used by the top online casinos.

Tactic 1 – They Offer Risk-Free Trials

This definitely works better when your product is digital or informational in nature but it can be applied to some other businesses such as subscription services, too.

Many casinos on the web offer free spins on slots or a token amount of bonus money so players can check the casino out without any risk.

Of course, there are terms and conditions in place to prevent the players from taking the money and running. The casino is virtually guaranteed to get that money back and if the player likes what they see, a lot more, too.

No deposit bonuses are attention-grabbing and convert nicely precisely because the player has nothing to lose. It’s a risk-free proposition and that’s smart marketing.

These risk-free trials serve another purpose, too. The player often has to log in for 10 days and collect 20 free spins a day, effectively forming a habit. The casino is banking on the fact this habit will continue after the free spins are used up.

Tactic 2 – They Utilize the Fact that Sex Sells

It’s the oldest adage in advertising and it’s equally true for the casino business as it is any other.

If you ever see an ad for a live dealer casino, you’re guaranteed to see some seriously beautiful ladies in the picture. From blonde bombshells to petite Asians, there’s nothing that will get a male player to empty their wallet faster than the chance to interact and talk with a gorgeous gal.

Lots of casinos are pushing thumbnails, banners, and pictures of these ladies onto their landing pages and casino lobbies precisely for this reason.

At the end of the day, selling a casino isn’t that much different from selling deodorant. If it’s good enough for Lynx, it’s good enough for new casino sites.

Tactic 3 – The Best Casinos Make It Easy & Convenient

We have played at hundreds of online casinos over the years and the most successful of all have one thing in common – they make signing up and getting started simple”

If you work in a business which required registration, a complex, confusing or badly designed set of form could be losing you money hand over first and destroying your marketing efforts.

This is actually a marketing tactic in and of itself, as well as part of the user experience. To understand how, let’s look at a quick example.Imagine you’re looking for an online casino to play some roulette at. You visit Casino A and they want you to fill out a three-page form, give your mobile number, and upload a photographic ID.

You decide to check out Casino B and you see a little ‘register with PayPal’ logo. All that’s required is one click, followed by signing into your PayPal account, and you’re good to go.

We can bet (no pun intended, we swear) that nearly every potential player will choose Casino B. It’s simply easier – time is money, and if you can save your customers time and hassle you will win market share over your competitors. The same goes for payment methods, customer experience, customer service, and a lot more. These things all communicate to your customer that you value them and their time and want to make their lives easy.

If you treat them right and make it simple to get started, they will reward you with word of mouth advertising and repeat business.

Tactic 4 – They Remember that a Player in the Casino is Worth Two in the Street

Far too many marketers are focused on acquiring new customers, while completely ignoring the fact that they already have hundreds or potentially thousands of qualified leads who have already bought from them.

Online casinos are experts at turning to their already existing customer base and selling them something new. From slots tournaments to midweek free spins to weekend cashback bonuses, casinos prompt existing players through SMS and e-mail to come back and play some more.

It’s easy to get caught up in your quest for more new customers and that definitely has to be part of your marketing strategy. Yet, don’t forget about those who already know your business, have already trusted you and are therefore more likely to do so again, and who could possibly already love your brand.

There’s no lead better than the one you have already sold – provided you did right by them the first time.

Tactic 5 – They Use Stimulus-Response

Have you ever heard of Pavlov’s dog? For those who haven’t, he was a Russian psychologist who used to ring a bell every time he fed his dogs until he realized one day that the dogs would salivate every time he rang it, in anticipation of food.

Online casinos are masters of using stimulus-response, also known as Pavlovian conditioning. From the spinning reels in video ads, to the sound of jackpots which often accompany the spinning reels, all of these little things are deliberate and are designed to cause the customer to begin metaphorically salivating.

Visit any casino, login, and we guarantee one of the first things you will see is the biggest jackpot(s) on offer. To the gambler, the sight of a $/£/€ 5,000,000 jackpot is often irresistible.

Make sure you press the right buttons if you want to get the right response.


Casinos not only make truckloads of money for their owners but they also operate in one of the most competitive businesses on the planet.

To survive, they have to be masters of marketing. As these principles show, a lot of thought has gone into how to attain and retain customers, and great casinos are expert marketers.

These are general principles which could apply to any business. Whatever it is you’re into, it’s worth learning from those who have climbed to the top of a multi-billion industry.


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