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Could David Davis be our next PM?

by on December 7, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Could David Davis be our next PM?

Allies of Brexit secretary David Davis think Theresa May could be gone as leader by Christmas as her struggles with European Union negotiations continue, it has been reported.

Former chief whip Andrew Mitchell is said to be organising drinks evenings with a new generation of Tory MPs and plotting to replace the prime minister with David Davis.

Said to be in the frame for top jobs are Tom Tugendhat, James Cleverly and Gillian Keegan who would support Davis to take over the leadership. Davis would then stand aside ahead of the next election in 2022 for one of the high flyers to take over.

One ally of Davis told one of the younger Tory MPs: “Theresa has the smell of death around her. She’ll be gone by Christmas. It’s time to rally around DD, (David Davis)” the Sun reported.

The prime minister faces resistance from within her party with some Tory MPs who back Leave saying they have lost confidence in her over Brexit in the wake of a proposal to align Northern Ireland with some EU trade rules to prevent a hard Irish border.

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