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Best social media management tools to save your time

by on February 13, 2018 in Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Best social media management tools to save your time

There are various social media networks and most of us have accounts on popular platforms. We also dive into them often for one purpose or the other. Maintaining multiple profiles is bit hard and time-consuming.

However, there are few special tools built to ease the usage of social media for both personal and professional purposes.

 The three key areas where a social media tools perform effectively

  1. Dashboard – The dashboard should be the space which lets the users monitor and manage multiple accounts.
  2. Schedule – This feature should let the user schedule the posts for specific dates and times.
  3. Report – The user should be able to view the analysis of the post on the different networks.

Before purchasing, users are requested to check the price and each feature of the tool. Some tool might not have the features which are required for you or your organization. The below list of best social management tools is based on the survey conducted by and online casino website which is one of the prominent UK based casinos that houses tons of casino games.


  1. Dashboard – Sendible has Priority Inbox which brings the messages from all the registered social media accounts. Users can select and reply to the corresponding messages.
  2. Scheduling – Scheduling is easy, and posts can be scheduled both individually or in huge volumes. It also has the content recommendation engine which analyses the posts which are already shared on social media and suggest the best content to get more followers.
  3. Reporting – There are various templates available for the users to create reports effectively.


  • Dashboard – The dashboard of Agorapulse has the appearance of the inbox of the email. It also has an automated procedure which can separate spam and assign certain tasks to a user.
  • Scheduling – Agorapulse has the option to let the users schedule the pots beforehand. There are also options to post the content after an interval of time including hours, days and weeks.
  • Reporting – It can generate detailed reports which let the user check the post’s reach, response and so on.


  1. Dashboard – eClincher has a Unified Social Inbox feature which gathers all the messages from various accounts into one place. It also has Live Social Feeds feature which helps the user to see the activities in real time.
  2. Scheduling – The posts to various social media sites can be scheduled and if the scheduled post has any URL then this application automatically shortens it using the Google shortener.
  3. Reporting – It allows the users to see its Social Analytics Module and Google Analytics in one place.


  1. Dashboard – It makes use of multiple Streams instead of the regular inbox type. Users can set streams for each account and can monitor its content. This allows the users to create their own dashboard style.
  2. Scheduling – Users can maintain round the clock presence in social media by using the scheduler here.
  3. Reporting – Similar to the dashboard, Hootsuite allows the players to build metrics of their style.







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