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Marketing tips for real estate agents – set yourself up for success

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Marketing tips for real estate agents – set yourself up for success

With the world getting more and more digital with every passing day, customer attention is a precious commodity.

For real estate agents that means they need to employ effective strategies in order to maximise leads, and provide industry leading customer service to clients. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

Comprehensive, Informative Listings

The world is getting smaller, and customers are likely to be interested in buying abroad. If a customer is looking at Moraira properties for example, they’re likely not going to get onto a plain on a whim to view the property themselves.

The extra effort you spend taking comprehensive and detailed photographs of the property and surrounding gardens/land, as well as a well written and informative listing, will give your potential clients all the information they could possibly need to take the buying process to the next step.

Know the Market, Know Your Customers

Good research is essential – you can have the finest crafted marketing campaign, it will be ineffective if it’s not properly targeted. An internet search will show you detailed information about what customers are looking for in your area, allowing you to cater to that need.

Second homes for example are getting more popular by the year, and sunny coastal towns like Moraira are always a firm favourite. Knowing that your customers are interested in property there, allows you to grasp their all-important initial interest.

Keep Social

Social media is growing into a bigger part of people’s lives seemingly by the day – a well-crafted Tweet for example, can have a wider impact and more positive effect than a lot of more expensive and time consuming marketing methods.

Spend some time cultivating and developing your online presence. Create a following and provide relevant, interesting content to the people who will inevitably become your customers in the near future.

Never miss an opportunity to build your brand and broaden your reach – social media is an affordable and highly effective way of doing so.

Consistency and Patience

Remember that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. Your results may not be apparent by the following morning, but if you keep your dedication and your focus, you will see continual developments over time. Word of mouth, customer testimonials, and verbal referrals are all essential for your real estate business to grow.

You will get these by providing excellent service and individual levels of customer care – the world is getting more impersonal, so when you go the extra mile, people will notice.

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