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Franchise Marketing 101: How to stand out from online and local competition

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Franchise Marketing 101: How to stand out from online and local competition

One significant advantage that franchises have over other businesses is that the brand is already established.

However, this is partly a disadvantage as well since you already have a lot of competition regarding the products and services you provide. Don’t fret, though, because you can still stand out from online and local competitors with a little extra effort.

If you’re considering getting a franchise business, check out affordable for ideas and resources on how to start this type of company. If you already have rights to a franchise, here are some tips that can make customers notice you:

  1. First, Focus on Your Customers

Every business owner knows that their company will only survive when they treat their customers well. You can do this for your franchise by:

  • Providing Superior Customer Service – Delivering extraordinary service is something that will endear customers to your brand. Consider how you can go the extra mile to make your clients feel that they’re valued in your store. If you’re handling a coffee shop, it could be by offering a little treat to go with their beverage on particular days.
  • Own Up to Mistakes – “The customer is always right” may not apply to all situations. But, appeasing your client with a discount when you or your staff accidentally gives incorrect change will lead them to trust your brand.
  • Solve Customer Pain Points – If you franchised an apparel business, one of the most common pain points for customers is a cramped, dimly-lit fitting room. You can address this problem by providing a larger space with full-body mirrors and beautiful lights that will complement your products and your customers’ skin tones.
  • Propose a Guarantee – These are a great technique to lessen the feeling of risk that is involved in buying your product or service. It assures the buyer when you stand behind your product or service. Offer your customers a specified time as to when they can return items that they purchased or provide free shipping.
  • Be Transparent about Your Products and Services – Be honest with your customers. If you promised to deliver at a specific date but found out that you can’t, call and inform the buyer. If the food you’re selling is still on the shelves but has expired, then apologize and let them know the situation. It’s better to face the consequences of the truth head on than cower behind false facades that will ultimately be your downfall.
  • Delight Your Customers – Surprise your customers with promos and discounts especially the loyal ones. Moreover, the gesture don’t have to be grandiose. Often, it’s the unexpected, little things that make a lasting impact on your customers like sending them a motivational note along with their order.

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  1. Next, Focus on Your Community

While your customers are crucial to the growth of your business, it’s also essential to expand your vision to how you can help your community. Some of the things you can do are to:

  • Embrace Your Social Responsibility – Give back to your community. It can be in the form of organizing events with proceeds going to your charity of choice or hiring people with disabilities to work for you. TOMS, a shoe company, became known for its “One for One” advocacy which helps a person in need with every purchase of their products.
  • Be An Educational Resource – Not everything about your brand should be about buying your products or services. If you franchise a coffee shop, you could educate your customers about the different types of beans, where they grow, and how they’re harvested. You can also live stream how your product is made. Live streaming has become one of the valuable tools for online marketing.
  • Promote Other People – Create a friendly community, whether online or in-store, where people can display their fantastic work; even if they have the same products and services as you. This will show people that you’re confident about what you’re selling.


It’s critical that your customers trust you first so they would set you apart from your competitors.

It won’t be easy and will increasingly become more challenging as your business grows. Nonetheless, keep on persevering and doing your research with the aim of staying ahead of the game.


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