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Some of the most important questions you shouldn’t forget to ask a banner printing service

by on November 5, 2018 in Advertising, Business, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Some of the most important questions you shouldn’t forget to ask a banner printing service

Banners and other kinds of printed promotional materials such as display and exhibition stands have been used since time immemorial, and their usefulness hasn’t waned.

In fact, they are more popular than ever, often trumping even the most complex advertising or marketing strategy and tools.

Sometimes, simple is best – and this is proven time and time again by roller banners, display stands, and the like. But if you would like to have banners and stands to use in your business, you have to choose a good printing service. Here are some of the most important questions you shouldn’t forget to ask a banner printing service.

What are the available sizes?

If you are planning to order a banner, you may think that the size will be big, but do you know how big? The size of your banner will depend on where you will place it, and the more options in sizes you have, the better.

The smallest banner size will usually be 850mm, but this will also depend on the printing service. Before you decide on the size, think of where your banner will be placed or used first, but it pays to have more size options.

What material will you use?

There are several reasons why this is an essential question. One is if you are planning to use the banner or display stand outdoors, another is if your banner or stand will be used repeatedly, and the third is if your banner or stand will frequently be carted from one venue to another.

If your answer is yes to any of these reasons, then the material is of prime importance – you want a product made from stronger and sturdier material; material which is bound to last.

Think of your banners and exhibition stands as a marketing and advertising investment, especially if they will be used extensively. It’s better to choose a higher quality material which has a longer lifespan if the product will be regularly used. Only go for budget or economy if it will be used just once or twice.

Do you have an optional design service?

Another important question you should ask your prospective banner printer is whether they can offer an optional design service.

This type of service is particularly useful if you’re trying to come up with your own design, but you think that your design isn’t good enough.

If the printer can offer a design service for a reasonable fee, then you may as well take advantage of it, especially if you want your design to have the right balance between professionalism and aesthetic appeal.

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