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Event marketing jobs: 9 jobs every event marketer should aim for

Looking to expand upon the list of event marketing jobs you’ve worked? Here are nine of the most prestigious event marketing jobs you should aim for!

What did you want to be when you grew up? For many people, their ideal profession changed over time. Girls who dreamed of becoming an astronaut are now working with robotics. Boys fantasizing of racing cars might work in the clean energy field. But even though your goals evolved doesn’t mean you can’t achieve them.

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Now that you’ve graduated from high school, it’s time to begin life as a young adult.  If you enjoy working with groups of people or getting others to notice a hot new item, then event marketing jobs may suit you.

What Are Event Marketing Jobs?

Event Marketing jobs transition the marketing world into the real world. Many of these positions work outside the confines of a regular office. But some do work behind the scenes to ensure an upcoming event is a success.

There has never been a better time to jump into the Event Marketing field. With so many businesses and startups looking to grow their brand event marketing is key.

But before leaping, fulfill the necessary prerequisites.

Do You Need a Degree?

The short answer to this question is no. There are marketing positions available that don’t require a college degree. But considering the way our business world evolved over the past 30 years, getting a college degree is a good idea.

Here’s why.

Say you complete an unpaid internship which leads to a job. While you were hired off of the skills and experience, it may not be enough to ensure your stay at a company. Company policies get revised all the time. If a company changes its education standards for all employees, this may put your job in jeopardy.

The company may allow you to stay since you were “grandfathered in,” but you may not be able to move up and receive promotions. Yet some companies could cut you loose if times get tough. Thus, completing a Marketing or Communications program is a good way to protect yourself.

1. Content Creator

Content Creator is a position for wordsmiths looking to promote an event. Through content marketing, a business can reach new clients or customers to attend an event.

One way to drum up an audience for your conference is through the promotion of guest speakers. People enjoy learning valuable information. So shining a spotlight on your expert speaker through a brief interview could work wonders for your attendance numbers.

Content creators may craft a series of insightful emails or blog posts to entice people to attend. This isn’t an exhaustive description of what a content creator is capable of achieving. It’s a snapshot of what they do.

2. Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist is like a content creator. But a social media specialist focuses on social media outlets. They devise strategies to increase your following on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

A social media post is shorter and snappier to engage the reader without too much information. It’s a tool to lure the person to learn more about your brand.

When it’s done right, social media promotions can go viral.

3. Fundraising Specialist

Fundraising specialists assist organizations in planning events. They also develop campaigns to persuade people to donate money.

Many non-profit organizations rely on yearly donations to continue their business. When grant funding gets cut and donation amounts decrease, organizations tend to tighten up their belts. Yet a talented fundraising specialist works his or her magic to inspire others to help.

Strong communication and marketing skills are necessary to thrive in this field. But if you enjoy what you do, it’ll always be a pleasure to work.

4. Executive Assistant

Executive assistants help a manager or director get the job done. Executive assistants handle the scheduling of meetings, travel accommodations, creating guest lists, and booking caterers. Some of them may contact hospitality vendors as well.

Being an executive assistant to the right boss offers plenty of experience. If nurtured by a good supervisor, an executive assistant will move up when the opportunity comes.

5. Experiential Event Manager

Do you enjoy creating experiences that play to the senses? Then getting a job as an experiential event marketer is right for you. Experiential marketing jobs are hot right now.  They implore elements of buildup and surprise.

Through the right combination of lighting, sound, color, food, technology, and more, your event will stun the competition and excite attendees. While experiential event marketing is somewhat new, this blog post provides information into the field.

6. Promotions Consultant

A promotions consultant helps companies schedule, develop, and market ad campaigns to boost their brand. It’s a nice change for someone with event planning experience.It’ll allow you to use your expertise to solve problems through promotional events. Thereby giving the promotions consultant the best of both worlds.

7. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager handles increasing traffic to a company website. Digital marketing managers work with social media specialists to develop strategies for the company.

They can also develop and market digital campaigns. So if you want the task of promoting a company’s upcoming event online, then consider a career in digital marketing.

8. Event Marketing Specialist

Event marketing specialists set up booths or tables at events like festivals, concerts, trade shows, and sporting events to promote products and services.

They are responsible for the planning and execution of an event. Thus experience in event planning is necessary. But if you enjoy traveling and engaging with people, then event marketing is a good fit.

9. Corporate Event Planner

Corporate event planners coordinate the details of an event from start to finish. Many begin their careers by working in hotels or convention centers. The need for a bachelor degree depends on the company.

Corporate event planners handle the budget reports, travel details, book vendors, and attend their events. Event planners need organizational and multi-tasking skills. But if this sounds interesting, it could be right for you.

Ready to Market

Event marketing jobs offer a wonderful opportunity to combine creativity, strong writing skills, and mixing with people.