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Events : How the most innovative industry players leverage data to fuel precision targeting, efficiency, product development and consumer engagement.

by Will Corry on January 29, 2015

iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit | Bringing together senior buyers and sellers of digital media ( 29 January, Skyloft @Millbank Tower, London

Realising data-driven precision marketing, product development and consumer experiences

Report back on the Summit to follow


“Independent research re-iterates how compelling a channel the ATM has become” / Gareth Evans, atmAd’s Head of Media Sales

by Will Corry on January 25, 2015

New Research: Over half of office workers swayed by lunch time ads

Survey of office workers show 64% don’t plan their lunch time purchases. *Almost half are more likely to visit an advertised store to purchase their lunch. * Recall on cash machine ads is 60%, rising to 80% when prompted. * Seven out of ten pay for their lunch in cash


‘Naming and Shaming’ / Mary Anne FitzGerald of Toucan

by Will Corry on January 23, 2015

Mary Anne FitzGerald of Toucan @Toucan_talks about Naming and Shaming'.

Naming is an important part of brand identity, and product names go through different stages of development, from focus group testing to branding, before being slapped on a label and sold in stores. In some cases however the process seems to be less rigourous.


What it takes to keep up with web design in 2015: the year of the consumer

by Will Corry on January 22, 2015

Web Design in 2015: the year of the Consumer

The Internet is a constantly evolving; its changes affect how businesses should interact with consumers on the web. The social media boom, for example, mandated that companies use social networks to more effectively engage people online.

For a clearer depiction of how the Internet is changing right now -- and how companies should adapt -- this article will explore the changes that are being wrought by web design in 2015: the year of the consumer.

To learn more about how to enhance one's business on the web... Contact the Creative Spark team.


JICWEBS update on online ad anti-fraud initiative

by Will Corry on January 22, 2015

The UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) – the independent body that defines best practice and standards for online ad trading – confirms that, in mid-December at the IPA, it held the first cross-industry* technical group meeting designed to tackle online ad fraud.

The industry is aiming to publish anti-fraud good practice principles for the UK market in July 2015 and, beyond that, to announce the first companies to be accredited for meeting industry-agreed standards to reduce the risk of fraudulent ads being served.


Women for Women – ‘In Her Shoes’

by Will Corry on January 21, 2015


Northern Soul fan Dave shows how he is truly living from the heart

by Will Corry on January 20, 2015

Watch the video

Shredded Wheat gets going - Northern Soul (

A dad who likes to dance, a cereal, and a unique cultural backdrop.


Video : “Murdered girlfriend laid out on his bed, he looks out over the London skyline, and claims sole credit for its creation”

by Will Corry on January 17, 2015


Will Tesco follow switch to BBH with a media review?

by Will Corry on January 16, 2015


“The Tortoise and the Hare” Commercial : This South African spot will have you in tears

by Will Corry on January 15, 2015

This moving spot from Joe Public Johannesburg and director Greg Gray of Velocity Films is an expertly told tale, beautifully filmed and acted. Watch the video.

It's the story of a little boy who decides to help out his struggling, busy mom by doing hours of chores, carefully writing down how many minutes he's done in a notebook. Why? We won't spoil the ending, but it all centres -- aptly -- on "The Tortoise and the Hare".