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Native in-stream ads will soon dominate social media advertising

by Will Corry on April 16, 2014

BII native ad forecast

Depending on who you talk to, native advertising has many
definitions. In the context of social media, we define
native advertising as: Ads that are seamlessly integrated
into a user's feed and are nearly indistinguishable from organic content.


UK marketers and planners now have access to “cross-screen” advertising

by Will Corry on April 15, 2014

Tremor Video, @TremorVideo a leading provider of technology-driven video advertising solutions, today announced it has launched the industry’s first screen agnostic (all-screen) optimisation offering for online video advertising.


Danubius Hotel Group appoints AffiliRed as its performance marketing company

by Andy Brown on April 14, 2014

Danubius Hotels Group, with over 45 health spa, wellness and city hotels across Europe, has appointed specialist performance marketing company AffiliRed ( to manage a highly targeted advertising campaign through its affiliate partners.

The Danubius Hotels Group ( is one of Europe’s most significant hotel enterprises with resorts in the UK and popular destinations across Eastern Europe. It will be using AffiliRed to manage an affiliate programme that will deliver a highly targeted advertising campaign created to increase the Group’s online presence and augment sales across Europe.


Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising

by Will Corry on April 12, 2014

London, 11 April, 2014: Adyoulike, @Adyoulike the French native technology platform and network, has announced today that it has acquired Content Amp, the UK’s leading native distribution and content service.

The combined company had a turnover in 2013 of $5million. The expected turnover for what will be Europe’s first pure-play native advertising company will be around $10million in 2014.


Video : Two football greats meet in the Emirates Lounge – but who’s the greatest?

by Will Corry on April 12, 2014

Leading airline Emirates have cemented their role in the world of sport by recruiting two of the greatest players to ever grace the football field, Cristiano Ronaldo and Pelé, as the brand’s Global Ambassadors.

This is one of the first commercials for the World Cup - my betting says it will be a winner, hard to beat.Editor.


Advertising Standards / “Children have enough to deal without being exposed to this type of ad”

by Will Corry on April 10, 2014


Women for Women : Can a simple patch make you feel better about yourself?

by Will Corry on April 10, 2014

Dove has long shown an impressive ability to have it both ways: encouraging women to respect their natural beauty while also selling them a litany of beauty-enhancement products. Now, the Unilever brand  is going even further, essentially saying every aspect of its industry is a scam.

In this new spot—the newest of several marketing stunts inspired by the success of the brand's "Real Beauty Sketches"—we see women being offered an unbranded "beauty patch" that will help them generally look and feel better. Via Adweek


New online ad technology boosts online campaign ROI by almost 25% / Exponential

by Will Corry on April 9, 2014

Exponential @exponentialinc has launched a new ad technology that, for the first time, applies transparent audience behavioural models in real-time to help optimise online campaigns.

Called "AERO", the technology/algorithm instantly analyses 50,000 user interests/behaviours to define which ones exhibit the greatest behavioural 'lift' so the ad can instantly be served to the people most likely to react to it.

Why it's different  1/ Tests have indicated it improves the performance of campaigns by 24% on average.

2/ It eliminates wasted ad spend as the campaign can be optimised right from the very start. Other optimisation processes rely solely on machine learning to improve campaigns - this requires large amounts of data/time so there's lots of wastage during the 'learning' phase. [more…]

Microsoft Advertising signs 12-month strategic partnership with Entertainment One

by Will Corry on April 8, 2014

The deal will see bespoke audience-targeted campaigns created for seven film launches across Microsoft Advertising platforms

7 April, 2014 - London: Microsoft Advertising today announces a year-long strategic advertising partnership with Entertainment One UK (eOne UK), one of the premiere names in independent film distribution.

The partnership will see eOne UK promoting new film launches with creative campaigns across MSN, Xbox, Skype and Windows 8 over the next 12 months – a partnership that began with Need For Speed and continues with large-scale activity around Xbox, an MSN and Windows 8 homepage takeover activity with the film Divergent, which launched in UK and Irish cinemas last weekend.