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New Amobee LTV allows brands to measure and increase the lifetime value of Mobile Apps

by Will Corry on March 5, 2014

Amobee LTV (Lifetime Value) will help the growing number of brands and developers that have created apps but who don't understand what users are doing with them, how to keep users engaged or how to make more money from their mobile apps. As part of the Amobee platform, Amobee LTV provides the following:

- Powerful analytics to understand who your users are, what your users are doing with your apps and how and when they are using them.
- Unique engagement and reengagement tools for in-app text and rich-media push notifications.
- Built in app promotion technology to efficiently  acquire new app users with full attribution and conversion analytics across any supply source
- Dedicated app monetization engine powered by the Amobee Exchange to connect your app to 200+ premier demand sources.


Transparency and how to manage it / Andy Pearch, Director, MediaSense

by Will Corry on March 5, 2014

The increasing complexity of the digital media landscape and the sustained pressure on advertising budgets present daily challenges for modern marketers. It is perhaps inevitable therefore that Transparency in media trading is an issue that is attracting increasing attention and concern for media budget holders.

At MediaSense, we address “the transparency issue” from a different perspective. While forensic accounting and legal counsel has a place in the debate, this will not change the direction the industry is heading in. [more…]

Water Babies has appointed BWP Primal to drive brand awareness among parents

by Will Corry on March 5, 2014

BWP Primal has been appointed by Water Babies, the world’s largest baby and toddler swim school, following a three way pitch in December. BWP Primal was selected after presenting a year-long PR programme designed to build brand awareness amongst parents through news, features, research and partnership activity.


Events : Media heavyweights outline the four biggest trends in media research at inTV Symposium

by Loudmouth PR on February 25, 2014

What is inTV?

The International Television Research Group is an industry body consisting of research executives from the major international television stations.

Innovations in International Insight / Research 2014 – Feb 6th 2014

Audience measurement used to be about counting eyeballs in the world’s living rooms. But with consumers now lapping up content across multiple screens, the challenge of demonstrating who’s watching what, and what those connections are worth to advertisers, is significantly more complex.

For further information about this event or the inTV group: [more…]

Is social media causing content fatigue? / Simon Martin, Deputy Creative Director, Table19

by Assistant Editor on February 24, 2014

By Simon Martin, Deputy Creative Director, Table19

I’m not anti-technology or digital, I’ve got all sorts of gadgets, but recently I’ve found myself getting more and more irritated by the need of advertising and marketing types (and everyone in between) to get me involved on a social level. Of course, technology has a massively important part to play in everyday life. But people are realising that it shouldn’t have this overarching power. It shouldn’t control our lives; it should just be a part of it. Advertisers and marketers would be wise to realise that, too.


Tips for Zero Budget Marketing, from DesignCrowd

by Will Corry on February 23, 2014

Zero Budget Marketing: Do more with less

By Josephine Sabin, Marketing Manager for  startup DesignCrowd

Many marketing strategists still believe that you need a large budget to strike it big, in consumer reach terms. $4 million will buy you a 30 second ad spot during the Super Bowl. Or for a little more bang for your buck you could plaster your company logo across a bus for a month or hire an oversized highway billboard begging to be recognized.

Startups don’t have the budget to go to these extremes, and let’s face it, do you remember what this morning's billboard on your way to work was promoting? It's time to ditch traditional marketing approaches.


Dan Brain, iMedia asks … Who will win the branded content battle?

by Will Corry on February 21, 2014


Dogs Trust campaign aims to discourage Valentine’s puppy purchases

by KSimpson on February 13, 2014

The consumerism surrounding Valentine's Day shows no sign of stopping. Couples are now expected to shower each other with gifts with the cult of ‘one-upmanship’ is growing ever stronger. The rise in 'puppy gifting' has concerned canine charity Dogs Trust so much that the team there have this week  issued images aimed at dissuading would-be consumers from buying a dog for their partners on impulse.


The Client Agency Relationship – Making integrated marketing love blossom / Flock.

by Will Corry on February 12, 2014

The quality of the relationship between marketing and procurement clients and their agencies, determines the quality of the work the clients will receive. But...Read ON