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Laughter Spot : “Nip upstairs and get me slippers”

by Will Corry on July 25, 2014

Murphy calls to see his mate Paddy, who has a broken leg.

Paddy says, "Me feet are freezing mate, could you nip upstairs and get me slippers?" [more…]

Movers and Groovers : Jorge Oliveira and Valentina Lauro join WDMP

by Loudmouth PR on July 24, 2014

WDMP has hired OgilvyOne creative team, Jorge Oliveira and Valentina Lauro. Having won Iris’ Academy of Extraordinary creative competition in 2013, the creative duo enjoyed stints at VCCP, WARL, Doner and TMW. They were then invited to join OgivlyOne’s social media team to work on Nescafe and Phillips.


Laughter Spots from Billy Connolly plus a special bonus – four great laughter lines

by Will Corry on July 20, 2014

  1. At a meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of State in London, the Queen Mother was standing next to the King of Tonga outside Buckingham Palace, when suddenly, one of the horses of the Household Cavalry farted very loudly.


Laughter Spot : ‘The things kids say – number one’

by Will Corry on July 20, 2014

I don't remember this but according to my dad...when I was five years old, my grandfather died.

He was a keen sailor and wanted his ashes scattering at sea. So my Grandmother, my dad and I went out on a boat to scatter them. 


Events : H&C News social media roundtable

Events : H&C News social media roundtable

by James on July 18, 2014

Social media presents many challenges, and a B2B marketing roundtable event held recently by Hospitality & Catering News at the citizenM hotel in Bankside, London, sponsored by Armourcoat saw delegates from pub groups, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops come together to share learning.

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Leading B2C website 'Great British Chefs' which is very active across many social media channels took part discussing their tactics and strategies, channel by channel, explaining how they use each, how effective they find them as well as the differing metrics used.

This is the first such event but we understand the Hospitality & Catering News team are currently planning more so we look forward to following this progress. [more…]

Laughter Spot : “Anywhere I go, she goes”

by Will Corry on July 15, 2014

There was an old man named Bozo, and all he had was a female donkey. One day he wins the lottery and gets $50,000. He doesn't know what to do with his money, so he decides to spend a night in a five star hotel.

He asks for the finest room and starts going up the stairs with his female donkey. The manager sees him and asks where he's going with his donkey. 


Video Laughter Spot : Really fresh, funny TV commercials – enjoy

by Will Corry on July 14, 2014

With original thumbnails in this video you will see the latest in fun TV commercials [more…]

Research : ‘Omni Channel’ view of Chinese consumer from Nielsen

by Will Corry on July 13, 2014

Nielsen has launched a tool called Omni Channel, integrating its own data with that of e-Commerce giant Alibaba to provide clients with a combined view of Chinese consumers’ online and off-line buying behavior.

Web sites: and .


Movers and Groovers : AudienceScience names Frank Suljic Vice President Of Sales

by Loudmouth PR on July 9, 2014

Ad Technology Firm Taps Enterprise Sales Expert to Lead Sales Efforts

AudienceScience® has announced that Frank Suljic has joined the company as Vice President of Sales. The 24-year sales veteran will focus on growing the ad technology company’s enterprise customer base and helping strategic advertisers address issues of transparency and accountability in their interactive marketing efforts.