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Five tips for your real-time marketing strategy / Christopher Kollat,Teradata eCircle

by Assistant Editor on February 28, 2014

By Christopher Kollat, Country Manager UK&I, Teradata eCircle

Relevance rules in the era of real-time customer interactions. Your customers respond to relevant offers, but simple segmentation is no longer enough to connect with customers whose current behaviour could be driving their decision to purchase. To succeed, you need to market on a one-to-one level, with real-time offers that make an immediate connection with your customer’s needs.


Noah Harris – directed promo produced by Blink Films and Prodigious Launches

by Assistant Editor on February 27, 2014

Release of new Julio Bashmore track ‘Peppermint’

‘Peppermint’ by Julio Bashmore has been released, with a highly technical accompanying promo from acclaimed animation director Noah Harris from Blink Films. The work was produced at the Prodigious facility on Whitfield Street, London, part of the Publicis Groupe’s global production platform. [more…]

Events : Media heavyweights outline the four biggest trends in media research at inTV Symposium

by Loudmouth PR on February 25, 2014

What is inTV?

The International Television Research Group is an industry body consisting of research executives from the major international television stations.

Innovations in International Insight / Research 2014 – Feb 6th 2014

Audience measurement used to be about counting eyeballs in the world’s living rooms. But with consumers now lapping up content across multiple screens, the challenge of demonstrating who’s watching what, and what those connections are worth to advertisers, is significantly more complex.

For further information about this event or the inTV group: [more…]

Is social media causing content fatigue? / Simon Martin, Deputy Creative Director, Table19

by Assistant Editor on February 24, 2014

By Simon Martin, Deputy Creative Director, Table19

I’m not anti-technology or digital, I’ve got all sorts of gadgets, but recently I’ve found myself getting more and more irritated by the need of advertising and marketing types (and everyone in between) to get me involved on a social level. Of course, technology has a massively important part to play in everyday life. But people are realising that it shouldn’t have this overarching power. It shouldn’t control our lives; it should just be a part of it. Advertisers and marketers would be wise to realise that, too.


Prodigious strengthens broadcasting footprint in London

by Assistant Editor on February 20, 2014

New Talent and Increased Creative Services Collaboration with Paris Announced

Prodigious, Publicis Groupe’s global production platform, has announced further steps towards strengthening its broadcasting facility in London, with increased access to the Paris-based in-house 3D service, the appointment of Scott Marshall of Bam Sound to the audio team, and a partnership with offline editor Pete Lurie.


Women for Women : Downton Abbey and sexual politics

by Will Corry on February 9, 2014


The Sexual Politics Of 'Downton Abbey' It’s becoming increasingly apparent that “Downton Abbey,” once lauded as an incisive depiction of the British class system, has largely abandoned class-based storylines in favor of sexual politics. Read ON

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Super Bowl XLVII: Reaction from the marketing and media industry

by KSimpson on February 4, 2014

This year’s halftime Super Bowl ads have once again caused almost as much excitement and fanfare as the game itself. In the commentary below some of the industry’s most strategic minds offer their take on this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads and explain the key role played by social media in the campaigns.


CANDDi tells you WHO, not just how many, visited your website

by Will Corry on February 3, 2014

CANDDi » 4 Simple Web Tracking Questions the Elite Marketers know to ask | Fresh Marketing News |

Who is visiting my website? From

CANDDi tells you WHO, not just how many, visited your website and provides marketing automation tools to respond to each visitor in real time.   Read ON


TVPlayer tablet app streams BBC, ITV, C4, Channel 5 and 20 legal free channels

by Will Corry on February 1, 2014

TVPlayer offers UK television license holders the opportunity to legally watch live UK channels within a single free app. TVPlayer can be watched online at TVPlayer and also can be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Amazon Appstore.


You need Giant iTab for your events – fact!

by Will Corry on January 31, 2014