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PR success – Returning a year later with a sign offering to hire people

by Will Corry on January 26, 2015

Man who held up 'hire me' sign at Waterloo station returns a year later with 'I'm hiring' sign

A British man who stood at Waterloo station with a sign asking for a job has returned a year later with a sign offering to hire people.


Now it’s a ‘pay by poker’ restaurant

by Will Corry on January 19, 2015


Marketing Bloggers: Who has the most influence? | LinkedIn

by Will Corry on January 15, 2015


PR / The 6 hottest PR trends in 2015: Stephen Waddington

by Will Corry on January 13, 2015


How to write effective text messages / SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

by Will Corry on January 7, 2015

Modern business marketing techniques rely heavily on technology. A case in point is the use of SMS messages and email. For a number of years, marketers have preferred email marketing for a variety of reasons, ranging from affordability and flexibility. In recent years, however, statistics show a significant rise in the use of text messages as a marketing channel.


10 of the best UK marketing articles, case studies, news etc. from theMarketingblog

by Will Corry on January 3, 2015


British Airways help public make ‘US trip a reality’ in cool virtual reality stunt

by Will Corry on January 2, 2015


Be warned : Digital is doing to TV what television did to print and radio. Disrupt and disturb

by Will Corry on December 19, 2014

"Don't Ignore This Game Changing Trend in Content Marketing" by @jeffbullas on @LinkedIn …— Will Corry (@slievemore) December 19, 2014

Limelight appointed by Engine’s Calling London to drive recognition and business growth

by Assistant Editor on December 12, 2014

Calling London, @callingbrands the global brand consultancy, part of full-service communications group Engine, has today announced the appointment of Limelight, the independent B2B PR and communications specialist.

Limelight has been tasked with raising awareness of the business to support revenue growth, lead generation and attract talent.


PR : New look ‘perfectly platinum’ Nigella – it it a success or a blunder?

by Will Corry on November 23, 2014

Perfectly platinum Nigella! The Domestic Goddess is famed for her raven locks... but what's this striking new look?

Her luscious raven locks have always been a defining part of her sultry image – but today Nigella Lawson unveils a striking new look.