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Grolsch launches “Celebrating 400 Years of Originality” campaign

by KSimpson on March 2, 2015

#Grolsch400 #Grolsch400 features advertising campaign, limited edition packs, experiential activity and street art installation

As part of a global campaign, Grolsch, the premium Dutch lager, today launches “Celebrating 400 years of Originality” in the UK, encompassing a six-figure advertising campaign, limited edition products, experiential activity and a unique art installation. [more…]

Is this another blunder from Mr Clarkson or is it just a new publicity stunt?

by Will Corry on February 23, 2015


Isn’t driving around in a pink van a bit patronizing? A bit clichéd?

by Will Corry on February 11, 2015

Women’s Equality: From Maggie to Pink Buses in 40 Years

As Harriet Harman’s plans to spend her election riding around in a pink bus campaigning on female equality are revealed, ironically it is 40 years to the day that Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Tory party. Labour have still never elected a female leader, though at least Hattie is fighting for the sisterhood in this interview with Mehdi Hasan today:


PR : 50 Shades ‘leaked’ memo stunt

by Will Corry on February 11, 2015


B&Q staff told to ‘prepare for increase in demand for cable ties’ in 50 Shades ‘leaked’ memo stunt


Of course, this memo, only ever intended to wing its way into the inboxes of journalists, is some spot-on piggybacking PR ahead of the filthy film’s launch in time for Valentine’s Day.

According to the Guardian – thanks for tweeting with this Keith Lewis off of Zurich Insurance! – staff are  being urged to read the erotic novel or watch the film so they can ‘familiarise themselves’ with the story. Copies of the book will be delivered to each store and can be lent to staff on a one-week basis’.


The best of the PR releases : The British Council of Shopping Centres, Experian FootFall, Walkbase, Simplestream,NHK WORLD TV

by Will Corry on February 10, 2015


Events : How the most innovative industry players leverage data to fuel precision targeting, efficiency, product development and consumer engagement.

by Will Corry on January 29, 2015

iMedia Data-Fuelled Marketing Summit | Bringing together senior buyers and sellers of digital media ( 29 January, Skyloft @Millbank Tower, London

Realising data-driven precision marketing, product development and consumer experiences

Report back on the Summit to follow


An 8ft long polar bear is unleashed at London’s Charing Cross underground

by Will Corry on January 28, 2015


PR success – Returning a year later with a sign offering to hire people

by Will Corry on January 26, 2015

Man who held up 'hire me' sign at Waterloo station returns a year later with 'I'm hiring' sign

A British man who stood at Waterloo station with a sign asking for a job has returned a year later with a sign offering to hire people.


Now it’s a ‘pay by poker’ restaurant

by Will Corry on January 19, 2015


Marketing Bloggers: Who has the most influence? | LinkedIn

by Will Corry on January 15, 2015