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“Increasing sales and customer engagement” – Giant Tables from Giant iTab

by Will Corry on May 18, 2015

New from Giant iTab ...

Our Giant Tables are extremely versatile.They offer a wide range of uses for brand and product presentation, increasing sales and customer engagement.

This electric motorised table allows for full height adjustment with flat and tilt options


Research : Family and experiences are key to winning the hearts and wallets of the affluent global middle class

by Will Corry on May 17, 2015

Economic growth and rapid urbanisation are swiftly expanding the number of people in the affluent global middle classes. New research from Collinson Group reveals distinct motivations and attitudes amongst this group which go beyond traditional demographic and geographical boundaries.

Today’s affluent consumers place a higher priority on family, altruism and enriching experiences (69%) ahead of luxury products and short-term satisfaction. [more…]

Sponsorships : Bridgestone to reach out to millions come rain or shine

by Will Corry on May 16, 2015

Come rain or shine, Bridgestone will be reaching out to tens of millions of people, after a high profile sponsorship deal was reached with Channel Four’s weather bulletins.

The world’s largest tyre manufacturer will be communicating with around 40 million people from May 24 right up until May 2016 in an attempt to connect with a broader audience, away from more commonplace automotive sponsorships of football and motorsport.


Three marketing trends driving Victoria’s Secret’s success .. Louise Flett, Inkling London

by Will Corry on May 16, 2015

Lingerie as a category is booming and Victoria's Secret is leading the way by tapping into the trends shaping the shopping habits of today's female consumers, says Louise Flett, co-founder of strategy and research unit Inkling London. [more…]

Getting your product sample into the hands of sports fans – Sally Durcan, Hotcow

by Will Corry on May 13, 2015

Getting your product sample into the hands of sports fans could prove to be super-profitable.

Wimbledon; Royal Ascot; the Rugby World Cup. We are a sports-mad nation and these are just a few of the large scale sporting events being held in the UK this year.

Between them, they will attract over 1 million fans, as well as fierce competition amongst brands who all want the opportunity to get up close and personal with their target market.


Latest Marketing News : Viewster, New electric bikes – Clear Channel, Betty Boop, Millennial Media and Integral Ad Science

by Will Corry on May 13, 2015


Bloomberg Business Europe launches

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015

Bloomberg today announced the launch of Bloomberg Business Europe, the company’s first regional expression of its flagship digital destination – Bloomberg Business.

The new European edition is the first tangible output of a commitment to increase the customisation of Bloomberg products for distinct international markets to reach today’s global, mobile business news consumer. [more…]

PR : How to triple your sales in one easy lesson – Protein World

by Will Corry on April 28, 2015

The fitness company behind the 'body shaming' social media storm sweeping across the country has hit back at claims their adverts are a huge "PR fail".

Protein World, the business responsible for the 'Are you beach body ready?' campaign has been sticking up for itself ever since protesters deemed the ads ‘sexist’ and ‘offensive’.

Responding to comments on Twitter that the company is "insanely bad at PR", Protein World claim to have gained 5,000 customers in four days. [more…]

Spotlight on the Giant iTab / The first big 50 article special from theMarketingblog

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

It's simple : Click on this graphic for the 50 news stories

New : The Giant iTab / A big 50 article special


“We are increasingly looking for authentic ‘experiences’ when we dine” / Sally Durcan, Hotcow

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

Advertising campaigns are about more than just advertising lines. Shopping centre Westfield has created an immersive culinary pop-up brand experience to mark the launch of its 2015 dining campaign, The Food Sensation.

Over two weekends in February, visitors to The Tongue Twister were able to experience how their sense of sight, smell and sound influences our perception of taste.

The campaign focused on the fact that we are increasingly looking for authentic ‘experiences’ when we dine – which is evident from the popularity of immersive, sensory restaurants such as Dans le Noir and the Rainforest Cafe.