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Video conferencing is the future – your business must be a part of that future

by Will Corry on September 3, 2015

Break down the Borders with Video Conferencing

Borders are not the only thing that separates us from one another in business. We also have to consider the vast distances, and even the expense of international phone calls. Fortunately, things have changed a bit in the last twenty years, and video conferencing has been made far easier than ever before. [more…]

You can now have a bespoke newsletter for your operation. Imagine it. Your own result driven bespoke newsletter

by Will Corry on August 28, 2015

Should I start creating your bespoke newsletter?
  • Your content is superb.
  • Right up there in terms of quality.
  • You work very hard to get it right.
  • You should be making fuller use of it.
  • More coverage to the right prospects.
  • I have an idea for you called ‘Newslettered’
  • TheMarketingblog can create your own bespoke newsletter
  • Better still - the price is right!

Can be sent to your data bases
Built into your web site - fully formatted for maximum effect
Can be carried across all of theMarketingblog sites
Makes full use of your quality editorial articles etc.


    Latest software / “This B2B sales tool will turn your sales people into rock stars!”

    by Will Corry on August 23, 2015

    Editor of theMarketingblog' s Newslettered exclusively writes

    .. People always ask me “What’s the latest software that is going to make my business money?” While it is often not as simple as that, occasionally something comes along that really does do, exactly that. "This B2B sales tool with turn your sales people into rock stars!"

    Now, there is a tool you can plug into your website that will email you an alert for all of the businesses that are coming onto your website in real-time.

    The Graphics are by Shutterstock.


    Carlsberg surprise holidaymakers with free beer

    by Will Corry on August 19, 2015


    The IAB aims to achieve maximum viewability and consumer attention for advertisers’ online campaigns

    by Will Corry on August 18, 2015

    The IAB Believes…in maximising ad viewability

    The IAB aims to achieve maximum viewability and consumer attention for advertisers’ online campaigns and is working with partners to develop consistent standards.

    Statement from IAB UK ... Digital ad spend is in rude health, representing an impressive £7.2 billion in 2014, up 14% on the previous year.

    We’re in a fortunate position, then: few industries can claim to be enjoying such rapid growth.  [more…]

    Why are brand experience pavilions successful? – Hotcow

    by Will Corry on August 17, 2015

    Want to hear about a new brand experience? You may not have heard of it, but Millennium Mills is one of the last untouched ruins in London.  By Matt Press


    New 5* Website : Brand/agency/media CEOs & CMOs talking data/content/tech

    by Will Corry on August 16, 2015

    Europe’s leading event for staying ahead of the latest interactive media, advertising and marketing trends.


    Check out brand & agency bigwigs speaking at #adtechlondon & save £200

    by Will Corry on August 14, 2015


    Events : ad:tech for brands .. new site is now live / Daniel Brain

    by Will Corry on August 8, 2015

    Daniel Brain writes ... The new ad:tech London website is live!

    Check it out for details of all the brand/agency/media CEOs, CMOs & digital leaders talking content, data & tech on 13-14 Oct plus a $50k Unilever investment pitch!


    Find out how good customer experience management can put your business on top – 6 fresh articles designed to give you an inside track

    by Will Corry on July 24, 2015