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5 of the best April Fool’s Day campaigns

by Will Corry on April 1, 2016

1st April represents a perennial opportunity, but also banana skin, for many enterprising businesses. While few firms want to give the impression of lacking a sense of humour that can arise from not getting involved at all, even fewer wish to risk their hard-won reputation on a gag that backfires.

But then again, a well-judged and genuinely amusing April's Fool Day prank can also bring great rewards in terms of heightened profile, image and sales, so it's unsurprising that this year's April 1st was another busy one for companies around the UK. Here were just five of the best.


[PR] …. Cadbury, Cumberbunnnies, Chocolate Bar, Dr Oetker’s, Chocolate of Thrones plus recent stories from Hotcow

by Will Corry on March 31, 2016


Ian McCawley, Acuity PR explains why “The Big Mo” is Vital in B2B PR

by Will Corry on March 30, 2016


PR .. “In digital space, no one can hear a PR scream” … Ian McCawley, MD Acuity PR in B2B PR Blog

by Will Corry on March 25, 2016


McLaren-Honda reveals sparkling wine product Chandon as its new sponsor

by Will Corry on March 10, 2016


St Ives Group announces half year results .. Strategic Marketing now contributing 56% of Group underlying operating profit

by Assistant Editor on March 8, 2016

St Ives today announces its half year results for the 26 weeks ended 29 January 2016, showcasing the company’s year-on-year growth and current upward trajectory.


Top 10 PR and marketing stunts and campaigns of February 2016

by Will Corry on March 5, 2016


Revolution to drive consumer PR for Silverstone Classic

by James on March 2, 2016

Organisers of the Silverstone Classic, the world’s biggest classic motor racing festival, have appointed Revolution Sports + Entertainment to steer the consumer and lifestyle PR campaign for the family event which takes place on July 29-31, 2016. [more…]

[PR] … Can journalism skills be transferred directly to the content marketing world?

by Will Corry on March 1, 2016

Some journalism skills can be transferred directly to the content marketing world. Let’s take them one by one.

Meeting deadlines Journalists are constantly faced with deadlines in a near 24/7 news cycle. A deadline is a deadline. If it’s missed, the TV newscast might be short a story or the newspaper article didn’t get edited. Deadlines mean something and are met. When they aren’t, chances are the journalism career won’t last long. In content marketing, deadlines are also important and when they are met it can set teams apart from those who see deadlines as suggestions.