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10 hot web startups changing the face of retail / Macala Wright

by on March 2, 2012

10 Hot Web Startups Changing the Face of Retail

In 2010, branded content was one the largest trends among retailers and brands. In 2011, branded content shifted to branded entertainment. Now, in 2012, we’ll look toward content cultivation and aggregation.


Do loyalty programmes offer great potential to low-cost carriers? – Janet Titterton

by on March 1, 2012

Janet Titterton of Collinson Latitude

Loyalty programmes could benefit both no-frills airlines and their business travellers, says Janet Titterton


Is this why NI sells copies of The Times and The Sun while other titles struggle?

by on March 1, 2012

 Is this why News International sells copies of The Times and The Sun while other titles struggle? I snapped this picture at a Tesco outlet in London's Fulham Road at 7.30am this morning (Thursday). [more…]

Attract, engage, and retain customers ..Mike Quinn

by on March 1, 2012

An integrated solution to digital marketing

Mike Quinn explains the key products that make-up Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite

For more information on Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite please visit the website here

The pace of change in the digital landscape is continually accelerating. With the explosion of social, video and mobile content, consumers can today interact with businesses from a wide range of sectors using multiple channels and devices, such as smart phones, tablets and laptops.  As a result, they need to figure out how to best attract, engage, and retain customers in a world where the reach and quality of experiences directly impacts their success. [more…]

All about the critical first few weeks of a product launch / YouGov

by on March 1, 2012

YouGov to speak at the MRS Innovations Development Conference

YouGov is pleased to announce that its Consumer Consulting team has been invited to speak about product launches


“A music concept which fits to the brand, store and target group increases the time that customers spend inside the store”

by on February 28, 2012

Imagine, you are a brand manager responsible for all your branches, flagship stores. These offer your brand great opportunities to reflect and thus communicate your brands image and emotional positioning through a unique music program

More about in store music from Immedia PLC.


Win an inclusive one night stay in Sweden at the Hotel Tylösand / Ren Skincare / Mailvivo

by on February 28, 2012

Hotel Tylösand

Mark Gooding of Mailvivo contacted me to say...Here is the 'viral email' competition related to the site that Mailvivo host for Ren Skincare

Watch the video and Enter the competition


Wayne Townsend discusses – “The true distinctions between cross-channel and multi-channel marketing”

by on February 27, 2012

 Cross-Channel and Multi-Channel Marketing: One and the Same?  


Though the terms ‘cross-channel’ and ‘multi-channel’ are often used synonymously, they are not the same thing, and savvy marketers understand the distinction.


Books for Marketers : Must read for anyone in marketing, retail or service based

by on February 25, 2012

Michael Corry says ... This book blew open my mind.

The New Rules of Retail 


MARS\Y&R / Cadbury Dairy Milk Fairtrade push

by on February 24, 2012

MARS\Y&R, the shopper marketing specialist, is to roll out a multi-channel campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk in support of the chocolate brand’s Fairtrade certified products during Fairtrade Fortnight (27th February to 11th March).