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Top 10 emails that everyone should receive

by Will Corry on April 18, 2014


Breaking the chains on high streets: A movement for independent local loyalty cards plans to go nationwide

by Will Corry on April 15, 2014


Marketing Nuggets : Fox’s Biscuits appoint Cheil, Your new piece of content, Travelling to London for business?

by Will Corry on April 12, 2014

Here are marketing nuggets that you can use.


Nine tips for offering exceptional customer service on social media / Tracy Foster, founder, ONA

by Will Corry on April 10, 2014

From Forbes : Here are nine tips for offering exceptional customer service via social media:

No matter how prominently you display your customer service email address or phone number, customers are still likely to ask questions, share success stories, or file complaints on your social media channels.

Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, or Pinterest, consumers are interacting more and more frequently with brands via social media. Even if your marketing team and your customer service team don’t currently overlap, incorporating customer service best practices into your social media strategy is essential. 


Nine tips on how to land success with a low budget

by Will Corry on April 7, 2014

Bootstrapping Your Way to Success With These 9 Tips

Bootstrapping a business is no walk in the park. Here are nine tips on how to land success with a low budget.


UK Marketing Nuggets : Elite Business Event London, LIDA, Evian Water, Nielsen Study, dotMailer, Nat Rothschild

by Will Corry on April 4, 2014

Elite Business Event London

A two day event for entrepreneurs and owners of micro, small and mid-sized businesses who are looking for support and inspiration to grow a business. The event will be useful, rewarding and innovative and is set in the heart of London’s small business community in Shoreditch at The Old Truman Brewery.

Our USPs: a stellar line-up of awesome speakers including the likes of Divinia Knowles - COO Mind Candy, Michael Portillo, Rosanne Gray - CEO Virgin Unite, Karren Brady (pictured)….. successful business owners and thought-leaders.


Events : Hear how Experian and Phillips improved their email campaigns and made the most out of their marketing data

by Will Corry on April 4, 2014

We’re going to guess you’ve answered yes to at least one of the questions and if that’s the case, you need to attend these digital marketing conferences @OnTheEdgeLive where these questions, amongst others, will be answered.

On The Edge are a series of one-day digital marketing conferences that 91% of 2013 attendees said they would return to!


Infographic / Can LinkedIn be a powerful lead gen tool for B2B marketers?

by Will Corry on April 2, 2014

This fantastic infographic from Oktopost illustrates how LinkedIn can be a powerful lead gen tool for B2B marketers. Some of the key points from the graphic are:

  • The vast majority (86%) of lead conversions on LinkedIn originate from discussion posts.
  • 1/3 of these posts end with question marks, meaning that answering questions is a valuable tactic for lead gen.
  • The average length of the posts that convert is 248 characters, meaning concise and professional beats long-winded and rambling any day of the week.
  • And of course, LinkedIn leads the way with 80% of all B2B social media conversions.  Here’s the full infographic:


News Nuggets : Huge fashion blunders, Making content sell, VIP, “Content Marketing Score”, Scotland’s Referendum

by Will Corry on March 28, 2014

Some great articles in this week's News Nuggets from theMarketingblog. Watch out for the Scottish Independence video and 'how retailers make content sell'.  If you want your success story featured in our new section  get in touch with

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