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Simba roars in UK’s over congested mattress market – John Lewis exclusive retail partner

Simba roars in UK’s over congested mattress market – John Lewis exclusive retail partner

by James on February 23, 2016,, and Moshi Monsters backer Tom Teichman joins Simba as chairman. Other notable investors include all three Innocent Drinks founders (exited to Coca-Cola for $500m) and Sir John Hegarty, founder of global advertising giant BBH

Why the excitement? The Simba team, benefiting from more than 30 years experience in mattress manufacture, having sold in excess of one million mattresses, have perfected a unique combination of Simbatex, Memory Foam and 2,000 Conical Springs integrated into their five layers of comfort that means a Simba mattress intelligently shapes itself to anyone's frame - even if they are sharing a bed with someone of an opposite build or stature. [more…]

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them” – Doug Kessler

by Will Corry on February 22, 2016


Latest news on the plan to relax Sunday trading laws

by Will Corry on February 21, 2016

Rules on Sunday opening hours for shops in England and Wales are out of date and need to be relaxed, a group of 200 MPs and council leaders has said.

In a letter to the Sunday Telegraph, they wrote that increasing spending on Sundays would boost job prospects and help shops compete with online firms. They backed government plans to devolve Sunday trading laws to local councils.


Sasudi’s Leigh Ashton: How to attract customers – the secret formula

by James on February 17, 2016

Sasudi’s Leigh Ashton

You will attract customers if you focus a portion of your time and energy on activities that have a direct impact on creating sales opportunities.

[more…] launches with Affiliate Window

by Will Corry on February 13, 2016

Comparison site has launched with global performance marketing network Affiliate Window. Launched by a team of insurance experts in November 2006, is one of Britain’s most popular comparison sites.

With the move to Affiliate Window, the brand plans to diversify and automate their affiliate programme. will use Affiliate Window’s market-leading reporting and automation to help grow the channel.


Events : Online Conversion Rate Optimization Conference | Conversion World 2016

by Will Corry on February 11, 2016


The real players who own the ‘artisan’ products you thought were ‘homespun’

by Will Corry on February 10, 2016

Products which look ‘homespun’ but are actually owned by big companies.

The documentary Supershoppers, which aired on Channel 4 on Monday night, told viewers: ‘There are lots of products that dress as David, but are actually produced by Goliath. Companies have twigged that well-meaning shoppers will pay a lot more if they believe they are buying homespun, trusted goods.’


Valentine’s Day Research : Bing Ads Network expects more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day

by Will Corry on February 10, 2016

Bing Ads today releases its Valentine’s Day insights, revealing what romantic searches are being made, when, and by whom in the run up to the UK’s most romantic day of the year.

Based on searches made across the Bing platform, it has found love is now mobile, as marketers can expect more than 7 in 10 retail searches related to Valentine’s Day to be made from a mobile device in the run up to the big day.


How would a Brexit affect the events industry?

by James on February 9, 2016

As PM David Cameron holds vital talks with key EU leaders to bring about his proposed reforms, a public referendum on whether the UK should leave the EU is expected to be held this year.

As industry leaders in the events industry, display stand supplier Printdesigns is considering the effect a Brexit could have on the sector.


The first three decisions to make when you’ve decided to implement ecommerce

by Will Corry on February 6, 2016

Have you decided ecommerce is a good logical move for your business? Or are you thinking of launching a brand new enterprise ecommerce project? Whether you are addressing ecommerce as a new route to market for an existing business, or starting a project that is geared towards ecommerce from the outset, it can appear from a lot of the material out there that getting started is easy.

There are countless blogs out there that will tell you that you can get a good ecommerce site set up and live in an afternoon using the right platform, and then it is implied that just because your site exists, you’ll be running an ecommerce business. [more…]