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Goods that are marketed as ‘home-made’, ‘local’ or ‘independent’

by Will Corry on May 30, 2014


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by Will Corry on May 30, 2014

Enjoy this special collection of articles from late May 2014.

They are featured in our new site Your Fresh Marketing News


Love Your Local Market Fortnight: Celebrating evolving consumption practices

by Will Corry on May 29, 2014

Lucy Hoang, Senior Research Executive, @NorthstarHub Northstar Research Partners

This article explores the increasing appeal to consumers of goods that are marketed as ‘home-made’, ‘local’ or ‘independent’

As local markets take the limelight (for a fortnight at least), a shadow is cast on the bigger brands. What should the bigger brands be mindful of given the growing appeal of ‘free-from major corporate’ products? Northstar investigates this further.

Traditionally the local market was a place where the local community, on market day, could congregate, purchase goods, while catching up on some local town gossip. Love Your Local Market fortnight, running from 14th May to 28th May, offered 14 whole days of pure indulgence and celebration of the modern day local market.


30 days unlimited exposure in theMarketingblog for only £95

by Will Corry on May 28, 2014


How to start an online store: Utilise competition and consumer input

by Will Corry on May 27, 2014

Now that you have started your store, you need to consider what changes to make in order to keep it growing and being a success. Starting an online store does not stop with the initial setup but requires significant evolution and growth in your store.

How do you do this? Simple. You make changes based on customer input and by researching and watching your competition.

Making changes to match or beat the competition will help keep your store afloat, and by implementing the changes your customers suggest, you will create a very happy client base. We will discuss how to utilize the competition and how to implement customer input to grow your store.


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by Will Corry on May 26, 2014

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Hear how Ryanair plan to spend their £29m marketing budget #adtech_london

by Will Corry on May 25, 2014


Web design agency uses Retortal platform to extend service offering for SME clients

by Will Corry on May 24, 2014

Case Study : Harness Digital is a web design agency @hardigi catering to clients in London and the South East. It offers a range of specialist digital services, including email marketing, web design, search engine optimisation, ecommerce and social media marketing. Harness case study

The agency’s enthusiastic team of experts works with numerous SME clients, ranging from online retailers through to web-based travel agencies, which are looking to strengthen their digital presence.


Which online retailer ‘dazzled its customers’ – My Internet Retailing Award winner is…

by Will Corry on May 20, 2014

Tell us who do you want to win the Internet Retailing Award 2014 sponsored by Venda

We know who the judges want but who do you think represents the best in Internet Retailing? What online retailer has dazzled its customers with their swift, sexy, savvy, supportive approach to selling online. We’ve produced the long list but you have the final say – tell us who do you want to win the Internet Retailing Award 2014 sponsored by Venda ?

You can make your choice in the drop down box in this site


“Pandas spotted in fashion house”

by Will Corry on May 20, 2014

T-Shirts and sweats are now available from the WWF landing page at starting from £19

A new fashion collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).  @Rapanuiclothing have designed a collection for them based around the ideas of conservation and climate and £3 from every t-shirt, £6 from every sweatshirt sold goes directly to WWF.

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