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B2B Marketers : Get your own bespoke newsletter for your business – only £95 per weekly issue / £135 per month until end of February

by Will Corry on January 31, 2016

Q Are you getting your message out there in the right way.

A. I can dramatically add to your results by creating a top quality bespoke newsletter for you


5 e-commerce best practices to stand out in a saturated market – eSeller

by Will Corry on January 25, 2016


Events : Content, Keyword Research & The Art Of Audience Engagement .. SMX London 2016

by Will Corry on January 24, 2016


Digital events : Want to speak at SMX London in May? Here’s how

by Will Corry on January 23, 2016


Digital Events : Rohit Bhargava will open The Digital Marketing Forum .. March 17, 2016

by Will Corry on January 23, 2016


High street fashion ignores £9bn opportunity from shopper’s research habits

by Assistant Editor on January 22, 2016

Research by Pragma Consulting, uncovering the shopping habits of women across the UK, has revealed retailers are missing out on an annual spend worth £9bn through not engaging with shoppers who are increasingly researching fashion choices before purchasing.

Pragma surveyed 2,000 female shoppers and found online and mobile sources are increasingly important during the research phase of the shopping journey, with 30% of shoppers actively receptive to personalised email marketing.


Events : Are you a UK / EU Search Marketing Professional?

by Will Corry on January 15, 2016


Building a B2B sales process that creates scalable growth – eBook download

by Will Corry on January 1, 2016

Is Your Sales & Marketing Process Built to Win Sales Faster and More Profitably With Today's New Buyer?

The B2B sales world has undergone radical change.  Two trends are driving this change:

  • The middle-management gap that exists in most customer organizations has widened the chasm between those who manage the problem you solve and those who allocate resources.
  • The very nature of how organizations assess problems, vet solutions and buy has completely changed.
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Tackle your merchandise management issues effectively

by Will Corry on December 30, 2015

In this age of modern behaviours, there are some things which have remained largely unchanged; like the habits and behaviours of retail. Even though the vending platforms have vastly shifted into more of an online realm, the supply chain has retained itself quite well.


Top 10 digital media predictions for 2016 .. Strategy Analytics

by Will Corry on December 23, 2015