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The Top 25 Tumblr Marketing Blogs

by Will Corry on May 14, 2014


The awkward years: How to target young consumers

by Assistant Editor on May 8, 2014

By Mike Godliman, @Pragmauk- a St Ives Group company

They might be internet savvy and highly informed, but early teens (12- to 16-year-olds) are often neglected by retailers and brands, which prefer to focus their products and communications on older teenagers.

Little published data exists on this age group, largely because guardian consent is required for participation in research. However, clocking 3.7 million in the last Census, we know that 12- to 16-year-olds currently account for 5% of the total UK population.


World Retail Congress offers over 60 hours of focused, objective-led content across 3 days

by Will Corry on May 2, 2014

World Retail Congress | A world of retail. A meeting of minds

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The World Retail Congress @WorldRetail provides the critical context, new ideas and challenging thinking for senior retailers to understand the "new retailing" that is about to emerge from the global recession.


“The game has changed because the consumer’s purchase journey has become so fragmented” – Seth Richardson, CEO of DC Storm

by Will Corry on May 1, 2014

What’s next for attribution? Industry leaders discuss latest innovations.  Brands and publishers debate changes in attribution at annual industry event

Over 400 leading and emerging brands attended Rakuten Marketing’s annual Symposium conference to debate hot industry topics and share insights on how to grow their businesses in the CPA sector. [more…]

Shopping online / Marks & Spencer’s new £150million website revamp gets a huge shove

by Will Corry on April 27, 2014

Marks & Spencer will this week make a high-profile push for its relaunched website and delivery service to capitalise on a £150million revamp.

The company hopes the drive will help lift muted clothing sales and capitalise on the growing trend for shopping online with tablets and smartphones.  More retail articles, news items, case studies from theMarketingblog


New to the World Retail Congress Series is the World Retail Expo!

by Will Corry on April 22, 2014


Taking SEO to the C-level / Janaya Wilkins and Mike Jacobson of Ayima

by Will Corry on April 20, 2014

Corporations must elevate search engine optimisation (SEO) to a strategic level if they are to meet the needs of their business, web users and by proxy Google, says Janaya Wilkins @IamJanaya and Mike Jacobson of Ayima

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving a website’s position or ‘ranking’ within non-paid or ‘organic’ search engine results pages. It is essential for any business looking to generate sales online. Yet there remains a lack of understanding and a certain amount of confusion amongst senior executives at traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ companies as to how SEO works, what can be achieved, and why it is important.

Ayima Search Marketing @ayima is a specialist corporate Search Marketing Consultancy, backed by real-time data. Drop them a


Native in-stream ads will soon dominate social media advertising

by Will Corry on April 16, 2014

BII native ad forecast

Depending on who you talk to, native advertising has many
definitions. In the context of social media, we define
native advertising as: Ads that are seamlessly integrated
into a user's feed and are nearly indistinguishable from organic content.


Breaking the chains on high streets: A movement for independent local loyalty cards plans to go nationwide

by Will Corry on April 15, 2014


Research : Londoners fork out more than twice the amount of the rest of the country on each online order

by Will Corry on April 14, 2014

Londoners spend more than twice as much per purchase online than the rest of the UK

Web users in London spend on average more than twice as much as their provincial counterparts every time they make a purchase online according to new research from Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform @qubitgroup Qubit.  The average online order value in London is £268.00 compared to just £100.23 for internet shoppers in the rest of the UK.

However, this doesn’t mean that Londoners are an easy target for internet retailers – whilst they spend more with each purchase, they tend to be more picky, with an average conversion rate (e.g. the percentage of visitors who go on to purchase) standing at 2.07% compared to a non-London average of 2.32%.