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Event Executives : Do you need more visitors, delegates for your next conference, exhibition?

by Will Corry on November 18, 2015


Marketing decision makers : This superb infographic has a list of top email blunders .. very, very useful

by Will Corry on November 18, 2015

Kevin Monk of Email Monks writes ... I wanted to touch base with you to share one of our recent resources (an infographic) on email marketing blunders.

Why email blunders? Well, as you know most brands are involved in email marketing these days, being one of the leading channels that drive ROI. In such a scenario, sometimes brands fall prey to blunders leading to a poor reputation and an “Oouch+Oops” condition. [more…]

How to deliver your amazing content using an eye-catching email that people just love to read!

by Will Corry on November 16, 2015


“Ho, Ho, Ho …A very special Christmas present for your company – your own bespoke newsletter”

by Will Corry on November 14, 2015


B2B Marketers : “Attention is currency” : A bespoke newsletter at a very special rate – only £85 per issue

by Will Corry on November 10, 2015



  • Congratulations on your content marketing drive. You are certainly getting your message out there in a big way.
  • I can add to the results by creating a new bespoke newsletter for you.


“3 ideas that can make your tills merrily ring out” … Sally Durcan at Hotcow

by Will Corry on November 4, 2015

Matt Press writes ... Are you planning on doing any marketing at Christmas? We’ve reached November already, which means one thing: the countdown to Christmas has begun. While December 25th may seem like a long way off, it will be here before you know it.

Do you have your festive social media strategy nailed down? If not, you need to get a ‘cracker’ on, as a well thought out social media plan can be the difference between your tills merrily ringing out, or a nasty case of ‘Bah Humbug’.

Here are a few ideas to get you started on marketing at Christmas. Graphics by Shutterstock.


Matt Ford report back : XOVI jetted off to the bright lights (and rain!) of London as a sponsor of the 2015 Conversion Conference

by Will Corry on November 3, 2015


Bespoke Newsletter Free Trial : How to reach B2B prospects, influencers and buyers on a regular basis and entertain them at the individual level

by Will Corry on October 16, 2015


Events : All the logistics info you need, including venue details, accommodation, resources and travel advice …ad:tech London 13th/14th October

by Will Corry on October 10, 2015