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Latest : Yahoo has confirmed it’s buying the mobile ad exchange Flurry

by Will Corry on July 22, 2014

We are hearing that Yahoo has bought Flurry, a mobile app analytics @FlurryMobile and advertising company.

We asked @eMarketer to give us some background on the mobile advertising market and Yahoo's ad business. Many thanks for their fast response and all their help.

- The global mobile advertising market is expected to reach $32.71 billion this year, according to eMarketer, up 84.7% from $17.71 billion in 2013. Through Q2 2014, Yahoo had not reported its mobile advertising revenues, but has reported signficant growth in that area, on its most recent earnings call referring to them as "meaningful," an upgrade from "not material" in previous quarterly earnings calls.


Video : In-store tablets for enhancing sales and multi-channel marketing / Giant iTab

by Will Corry on July 16, 2014

Mark Jones writes ...Here is a great video on the variety of uses of tablets for enhancing In-Store Sales and Multi-Channel Marketing (including Argos, House of Fraser and Carphone Warehouse).

Watch this video [more…]

Research : MMA & Tremor Video launch guide to help marketers crack Heineken

by Will Corry on July 14, 2014

Five key themes revealed from largest ever mobile video research study conducted by Millward Brown

Based on the largest ever research study on mobile video, conducted by Millward Brown, the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) today published a guide in conjunction with video ad technology company Tremor Video to help improve the quality of mobile video ad campaigns.

Entitled Crème de la Crème: A Guide to Creating Successful Mobile Video Advertising Units, it reveals five foundations for success based on Millward Brown’s analysis of over 300 interactive video campaigns, in which each individual piece of creative was tested with consumers to gauge their receptiveness to each ad.


The Wearable Tech workshop will focus on the practicalities of developing and designing apps for wearables and wearable devices

by Will Corry on July 6, 2014


Vitality sponsor Eurosport Tour De France coverage / Specific Media : Householding Garage Access with Nissan, Kia and Infiniti / Expedia ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’

by Will Corry on July 5, 2014


A 97% increase in conversion rates of Western Union’s online banner advertising / Affectv

by Will Corry on July 4, 2014

SignalAd improves Western Union’s online advertising effectiveness by 97%

Affectv’s SignalAd technology demonstrated a 97% increase in conversion rates of their online banner advertising in a test campaign with Western Union. By understanding and translating the real-time data people produce as they go about their daily digital lives into relevant signals, @Affectv can deliver a new standard in digital advertising; SignalAds. [more…]

Events : ad:tech London – an opportunity to meet and bond with existing and prospective customers

by Will Corry on July 3, 2014


“The road to advertising people want” / Affectv on the evolution of advertising / Ray Jenkin, Affectv

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014

An article by Affectv on the evolution of advertising by Ray Jenkin, Affectv

We are at a really exciting point in the advertising technology story. The emergence of technology, like real time bidding as a protocol, the demand side and data management platforms, have opened up huge opportunities for finding and engaging audiences in a way that has never before been possible.

Taking a look back at the emergence and growth of audience targeting we can really understand how revolutionary these new technologies are for this industry and also point to the new and exciting opportunities emerging as well as the challenges as an industry we face.


Inside track : 10 useful tips for getting the best website

by James on July 1, 2014

Once again we have found some simple and solid advice and guidance on Hospitality & Catering News, this time for businesses to look at how their website proposition is delivered. The article looks at hotel web sites but most of the advice is applicable to most businesses, an easy to follow quick read with 10 check notes, we ticked nine let us know how you do. 10 Tips for getting the best website


eMarketer: UK mobile ad spending to pass the £2 billion mark this year – plus comment by Andrew Goode, Project Sunblock

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014