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mcm creative group unveils ‘Emplify’ app for employee engagement

by Assistant Editor on February 9, 2016

mcm creative group, the communications consultancy, today announces the launch of their brand new app ‘Emplify’, designed to help clients improve employee engagement and communication within their businesses.

‘Emplify’ was created by the team at mcm creative group to address a specific need within the industry, and has already been implemented across 17 countries around the globe with a world leading education provider.

Already experts in incentivising employees through creative campaigns and events, mcm wanted to offer something new to those looking to improve internal employee communications.


The first three decisions to make when you’ve decided to implement ecommerce

by Will Corry on February 6, 2016

Have you decided ecommerce is a good logical move for your business? Or are you thinking of launching a brand new enterprise ecommerce project? Whether you are addressing ecommerce as a new route to market for an existing business, or starting a project that is geared towards ecommerce from the outset, it can appear from a lot of the material out there that getting started is easy.

There are countless blogs out there that will tell you that you can get a good ecommerce site set up and live in an afternoon using the right platform, and then it is implied that just because your site exists, you’ll be running an ecommerce business. [more…]

B2B Marketers : Get your own bespoke newsletter for your business – only £95 per weekly issue / £135 per month until end of February

by Will Corry on January 31, 2016

Q Are you getting your message out there in the right way.

A. I can dramatically add to your results by creating a top quality bespoke newsletter for you


Exclusive : How you can transform any touchscreen into a Giant Smartphone … Mark Jones at Giant iTab

by Will Corry on January 30, 2016

Big news from Mark Jones at Giant iTab . He writes ...we are launching our new 'iTab' core, an android Pc which transforms any Touchscreen into a Giant Smartphone (Giant iTab).

This can now be supplied as a 'Plug and Play' solution for resellers and end-users to purchase and sell this 'out of the box' solution which will be sold through channel distribution and reseller partners. This is the first time Touch2view or Giant iTab have been able to create a channel product due to the complexity of their previous Giant iTab solution. [more…]

5 e-commerce best practices to stand out in a saturated market – eSeller

by Will Corry on January 25, 2016


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by Will Corry on December 23, 2015


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“4 out of 10 marketers want agencies to invest more in data-related functions like segmenting and predictive modeling”

by Will Corry on December 5, 2015