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Events : ad:tech London – an opportunity to meet and bond with existing and prospective customers

by Will Corry on July 3, 2014


eMarketer: UK mobile ad spending to pass the £2 billion mark this year – plus comment by Andrew Goode, Project Sunblock

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014


Events : Lights, camera, action / The Jumpstart Revolver July 3rd 2014

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014

The Jumpstart Revolver is a new event full of fast paced, best practice presentations straight from the IRTV studio.

We’ve got a new venue, a new format and the event will be live-streamed on our website, if you haven’t registered to join us yet you can do so by clicking here:

The event will cover two key topics that have proved very popular with the Internet Retailing audience: International and Omni-channel, we’ve got loads of presentations from leading retail suppliers and you’re welcome to pop in for a couple of sessions, or stay all day and join us for lunch.  Register for your free place here:


Book / Kindle details : Are you running an estore and looking for ways to speed up your eCommerce success? / Yulia V Smirnova

by Will Corry on June 26, 2014


Survey Results : All aboard the holiday booking process / By Andy O’Brien, Creative Director, Amaze – a St Ives Group company

by Assistant Editor on June 20, 2014

Summer’s on its way (honestly, it is) and so you’ve probably already booked your holiday. If, like me, you’re restricted to school holiday time, you’ve probably also done your research into how you can buck the system and go away for the price you would pay if you didn’t have kids.

It’s nigh-on impossible, by the way. Anyway, you’ve probably engaged in one of the most multi-channel purchasing experiences we have; ferrying yourself from one channel to another as you research, refine and book your break. [more…]

“Organisations are increasingly data-rich but insight-poor” / Mike Sheridan,Talend

by Will Corry on June 18, 2014

Lenovo selects Talend Big Data Integration to help make smart, fast business decisions

Talend Enterprise Big Data dramatically increases agility and performance while reducing costs of  integration

Talend, the global big data integration software leader, today announced that Lenovo has chosen Talend Enterprise Big Data to help understand its customers by acquiring datasets from a variety of touch points – such as third parties, APIs, and social networking feeds – and transforming that data into a visual picture of the end-to-end customer journey.

For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter: @Talend.


CEOs Aren’t Impressed With Marketers, Better Content, Typography 101, Native Advertising Campaign, The Engagement Ring Story

by Will Corry on June 16, 2014

Better Content Through Chemicals? How Caffeine, Alcohol, & Other Substances Affect Creativity



Ever wondered how substances like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, and marijuana affect creativity and production? Read this blog post to find out!


In SEO we trust – or do we? / Daniel Nolan, Managing Director, theEword

by Will Corry on June 15, 2014

By Daniel Nolan, Managing Director, theEword

In the last two years, the number of British companies switching to digital marketing to promote their business has doubled.

However, despite the increase in demand for SEO services, there remains a significant gap in knowledge about this field and – perhaps more importantly – an atmosphere of mistrust around those purporting to be experts in it.


Here are 9 ‘good business sense’ articles which will be of use to you

by Will Corry on June 14, 2014

Important pointers for UK marketers about Headlines, Email open rates, Calls to action, List posts, New marketing tools

12 Awesome Marketing Tools You've Never Heard Of via Moblized

Hit a Headline Home Run Every Time via Inbound Marketing Agents

10 Simple Ways to Appear Smarter via Psyblog


Stacy Gratz of American Express, Ellie Tory of Virgin Media and Lou Jones of Mark & Spencer are the latest speakers to confirm for ad:tech London on 21-22 October

by Will Corry on June 10, 2014