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Video : Fifty Shades Of Grey' Gets 'Too Hot For TV' Trailer

by Will Corry on July 25, 2014


Video : Penelope Cruz and a new Agent Provocateur Ad

by Will Corry on July 23, 2014


psLIVE use guerilla projections to display ape messaging in London and Edinburgh for the launch of Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

by Will Corry on July 17, 2014

For the launch of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes movie, experiential agency psLIVE @psLIVE_UK are commissioning two projections in London and Edinburgh to build hype around the new release.

To tie in with the cinema release date, on the dawn of the 17th July, pro-ape messaging such as ‘apes together strong’ will be simultaneously projected onto the facade of two iconic British landmarks; City Hall in London and Edinburgh Castle. [more…]

Could you handle this “I feel very embarrassed situation”? / Women for Women Video

by Will Corry on June 29, 2014

Humorous and thinly veiled gun control ad

Latching onto the notion children do not respect boundaries or privacy when it comes to snooping around the house for fun items to play with, this gun safety ad from Evolve features two mothers talking to one another while their children run around the house and play.

When the children run outdoors and into view of their parents, the mothers are horrified to find out their two children are playing sword with a pair of dildos. The ad closes with, "If they find it, they'll play with it. So always lock up your guns." Via Adrants


Women for Women Video : Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker on how to balance work and life

by Will Corry on June 25, 2014

Following the Cosmopolitan seminar at Cannes Lions, Cannes TV  spoke to Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles about why the show spoke to so many people and how to balance work and life.


CScreens / New eye-tracking tool measures multi-outdoor formats including out of home TV viewing

by Will Corry on June 11, 2014

CScreens, UK's first digital TV extension network, activating and reporting existing TV adverts, across all digital screens, both in and out of home.

A solution that allows advertisers to find out who’s looking at their ads across various out of home locations such as billboards, events and in pubs, is being launched today by CScreens @CbrandsLtd, the UK’s first premium In- and Out-of-Home video network.

Addresses key issue in proving accountability of outdoor advertising .. [more…]

Twenty films that could be ‘Lions’ winners at Cannes. What do you think?

by Will Corry on June 5, 2014


Enjoy this poster of Eva – it’s been banned by the Motion Picture Association of America

by Will Corry on June 2, 2014


Kantar Research : Amazon dominates CD, DVD and game sales in the UK

by Will Corry on May 31, 2014

A third of spend on physical CDs, DVDs and games in the UK is now online

Data from Kantar Worldpanel, @K_Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending 13 April 2014, shows that one in three pounds spent on physical music, video and games is going online - a trend which is benefitting online giant Amazon in particular.

Another significant winner this quarter is GAME which has grown its share of the market ahead of its stock market float.


Product integration / It’s blatant commercialism but on the plus side we do see Penelope Cruz

by Will Corry on May 13, 2014

In a product placement/integration stunt that should have felt forced but didn't, the first several minutes of last Thursday's Jimmy Kimmel show didn't begin with his monologue, rather, it began with a Nespresso ad featuring spokeswoman Penelope Cruz. Via adRants

As Jimmy gets ready for the show, he runs into Cruz -- along with the rest of his staff -- backstage and they're all hanging out drinking coffee.