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Internet Gold Video : Kangaroo street fight goes viral – and is it fake?

by Will Corry on October 8, 2014

Take two kangaroos having an all-out brawl in the middle of a residential New South Wales add one quick-thinking guy with a video camera, plus a balletic Tchaikovsky soundtrack, and the result is Internet gold.

In one of those “only in Australia” moments, Rodney Langham noticed two male 'roos duking it out just outside his home in New South Wales recently, so he grabbed his camera, stepped outside and pushed play.
One commentator believes it is a stunt for the car in the foreground. What do you think?
" This "video" was computer animated.  The image layers were very obvious.  It is easy to doctor videos now, what with all the  freely available software out there. Nice try though."


Thirty-one days in which your chances of hearing words like ‘shocktober’ and ‘spooktacular’ go up about 1000 per cent

by Will Corry on October 2, 2014


AOL On adds 14 new UK content and publishing partners

by Will Corry on September 24, 2014

New partners double AOL’s premium video platform to 30

AOL UK today announces 14 new partnerships for its premium video syndication platform AOL On with a series of new content producers adding their web content and short form content, including Northern & Shell, British Pathe and Sky News.

The new partnerships further cement AOL’s position as the number one premium video platform globally.


Bizarre Video : “McConaughey does a U-turn and thanks Cyrus”

by Will Corry on September 6, 2014


Helping Scotland Decide / It’s time to decide with the new voting referendum highlighter!

by Will Corry on September 2, 2014

Want to grab the attention of the Scottish public whilst out canvassing to see which way they plan to vote?

Well look no further as Promotional Products Week (PPW) has created a ‘referendum voting highlighter’ that will allow the Scottish public to show with ease which way they plan to cast their vote and make political history.


New ad Halle Berry has done for her fragrance line, Wild Essence

by Will Corry on August 28, 2014


Classic Blunders : Charlize Theron wears the wrong watch – the cost is only £12m

by Will Corry on August 24, 2014

Charlize Theron – Raymond Weil Watches

Designer Raymond Weil paid Theron for the rights to her wrists for two years, so she could wear only his watches. The model and actress did not play by the rules and went to a press conference wearing a Dior watch. As you can imagine, Weil wasn’t too happy about this and went on to seek £12m in compensation.

More big blunders with endorsements

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Blunders : Gwyneth Paltrow’s website GOOP sued over the moniker ‘Diet Detective’

by Will Corry on August 24, 2014

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle website GOOP was sued for copyright infringement over the moniker 'Diet Detective.' According to Radar , the Oscar winner's legal woes began when Manhattan-based nutrition & public health advocate Charles Platkin noticed the soon-to-be 42-year-old had allegedly used his professional alias in her July 17 article .


BBC in another crisis over Cliff raid: Police fury at TV chiefs who screened dramatic swoop

by Will Corry on August 17, 2014

  • BBC showed footage of police officers raiding Cliff Richard's home
  • The BBC was plunged into a new crisis last night after it was publicly blasted by police over its role in the shock Sir Cliff Richard sex abuse investigation. In an extraordinary attack on the broadcaster’s standards, furious South Yorkshire Police accused the Corporation of breaking its own guidelines.

    The force took the highly unusual step of announcing it had written an official letter of complaint to Director-General Lord Tony Hall over the Corporation’s controversial coverage of the case.

    More problems for the BBC - this time it is Jonathan Ross [more…]

    Tribute to Lauren Bacall: A style icon in pictures

    by Will Corry on August 14, 2014