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The “Fifty Shades” series will have to handcuff a new director

by Will Corry on March 27, 2015

'Fifty Shades' director: I'm not doing the sequel


‘Social newsroom’ – A clever concept and name for this new Cake partnership with Socialyse

by Will Corry on March 14, 2015

Socialyse Powered By Cake is based in Soho, London

Socialyse Powered By Cake is based in Soho, London

Havas Media Group UK (HMG UK) has announced new integrated social unit offering, which will see its brand experience agency @CakeGroup partner with its social media company, @Socialyse . The unit is launching after several client wins including boy band One Direction, Honda, Weetabix, AXA, Nest and recently won HMG UK client O2.


Events : Targeting and engagement strategies for modern brand marketers

by Will Corry on March 4, 2015


The Oscars according to Twitter

by Will Corry on February 23, 2015


The Muppets help predict the Best Picture Oscar winner!

by Will Corry on February 22, 2015

Check out the Muppets Oscars choice

Company aims to predict 3rd Oscar winner in a row using web browsing data

by Will Corry on February 19, 2015

Company aims to successfully predict third successive Oscar winner using web browsing data

The company which has successfully predicted the Best Picture Oscar winner in both 2013 and 2014 – by analysing web surfing habits of people with similar demographics to Oscar voters – today released its prediction ahead of Sunday’s 87th Academy Awards. [more…]

Laughter Spot : ” Fifty Shades Of Golf “

by Will Corry on February 19, 2015

Four guys have been going on the same golf trip for many years. This year,  Ralph's wife puts her foot down and tells him he isn't going. And thus he calls his buddies and tells them the bad news.

Two days later, the 3 other guys arrive at the resort to begin their  yearly golf getaway. And of all things, they find Ralph sitting there with  his clubs already set up on his cart. "Dang Ralphie boy, how did you talk  your missus into letting you go?" 


Fifty Shades of Grey – Odeon sold one ticket every seven seconds ahead of its release

by Will Corry on February 17, 2015

Bondage is clearly big business.  Despite some unflinching viciousness from the majority of critics, Fifty Shades of Grey destroyed a number of box office records in its opening weekend.

The film was always expected to draw in big crowds. E.L James’ three-part novel sold 100m copies and Odeon sold one ticket of the movie every seven seconds ahead of its release. Yet with its risque subject matter few would have foreseen the biggest opening weekend of all time for both a film defined as romantic drama and film released in February. [more…]

Video : Behind-the-scenes preview of the new James Bond film

by Will Corry on February 12, 2015

Filming for the 007 blockbuster, once again starring Daniel Craig, has been taking place in snowy Austria.

Associate producer Gregg Wilson said: "We have to deliver an amazing sequence and this is going to be one of the major action sequences of the movie. "A jewel in the crown so to speak.


PR : 50 Shades ‘leaked’ memo stunt

by Will Corry on February 11, 2015


B&Q staff told to ‘prepare for increase in demand for cable ties’ in 50 Shades ‘leaked’ memo stunt


Of course, this memo, only ever intended to wing its way into the inboxes of journalists, is some spot-on piggybacking PR ahead of the filthy film’s launch in time for Valentine’s Day.

According to the Guardian – thanks for tweeting with this Keith Lewis off of Zurich Insurance! – staff are  being urged to read the erotic novel or watch the film so they can ‘familiarise themselves’ with the story. Copies of the book will be delivered to each store and can be lent to staff on a one-week basis’.