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A special £100 savings offer for ad:tech London in October – use code ‘mblog1′

by Will Corry on September 19, 2015

Here is a special £100 savings offer for ad:tech London in October. The code ‘mblog1’ saves users £100 off conference passes (usually £795 excl. VAT)


M&S to keynote the 10th Internet Retailing Conference

by Will Corry on July 10, 2015


Find out what effects the latest changes to the CAP Code will mean for your next promotion

by Will Corry on May 3, 2015

On the 30th April 2015 the Committee for Advertising Practice (CAP) announced changes to the Sales Promotion section of the CAP Code.

These changes will have a material impact on the way UK brands have to run their promotions, especially Instant Win style promotions.


Game in partnership with Salmon unveil first UK high street online marketplace

by Will Corry on April 4, 2015

Global commerce service provider, Salmon @SalmonLtd, today announced that they have implemented a marketplace consumer offering for Game Retail Ltd, @GAMEdigital the UK’s leading video games retailer, making them the first large high street retail brand to allow suppliers to sell an extended range of gaming products through an on-line marketplace.

For more information, please visit [more…]

The BBC has revealed it’s working on a new drama about Grand Theft Auto

by Will Corry on March 15, 2015

BBC News reveals the "new drama based on Grand Theft Auto" will come as part of a concerted effort to get the UK more interested in coding and technology.

Other aspects of the scheme include giving a million Micro Bits - stripped down computers similar to a Raspberry Pi - to students starting secondary school this year.


GAME – Game fans can play the latest releases before they’re on sale for the public

by Will Corry on March 10, 2015

The lock-in has a long and fascinating history, its origins in Britain’s pubs emerging as a reaction to changes in licensing laws back in 1915. Fast forward a century, and lock-ins are no longer just found in pubs and bars – they’re used as marketing events, too.


Events : Targeting and engagement strategies for modern brand marketers

by Will Corry on March 4, 2015


What’s hot in gaming in 2015 .. adconnection CEO, Catherine Becker

by Will Corry on February 7, 2015


CES 2015 – Top brands & Top 8 trends being mentioned and talked about / Hotwire Group

by Will Corry on January 9, 2015

Top brands being talked about : 

1) Samsung – 18,643 tweets

2) Panasonic – 8,312 tweets

3) Intel – 7,444 tweets


Prices of high tech tablets cost a lot of dosh – don’t they?

by Will Corry on December 23, 2014