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Christmas UK number one : Check the bookies odds on X Factor, Iron Maiden, Band Aid 30 and Ariana Grande

by Will Corry on December 11, 2014


Alfie Boe performing ‘Hark! The Herald Angels Sing’

by Will Corry on December 5, 2014


Video : Irish music and frenetic dancing – what a great combination

by Will Corry on November 16, 2014

Junior's crew 2 Old Irish beats Something's coming together… watch it here first


Internet Gold Video : Kangaroo street fight goes viral – and is it fake?

by Will Corry on October 8, 2014

Take two kangaroos having an all-out brawl in the middle of a residential New South Wales add one quick-thinking guy with a video camera, plus a balletic Tchaikovsky soundtrack, and the result is Internet gold.

In one of those “only in Australia” moments, Rodney Langham noticed two male 'roos duking it out just outside his home in New South Wales recently, so he grabbed his camera, stepped outside and pushed play.
One commentator believes it is a stunt for the car in the foreground. What do you think?
" This "video" was computer animated.  The image layers were very obvious.  It is easy to doctor videos now, what with all the  freely available software out there. Nice try though."


More about Muted Youth’, the ‘Early Jobber’, and the ‘Aspiring Expert’ / Emma Berg, Northstar Research Partners

by Will Corry on October 6, 2014

The Kids are Alright  By: Emma Berg, Senior Research Executive, Northstar Research Partners

On a night out, sitting around a table surrounded by friends from all walks of life and varying ages, we look like any other group of under 30s might have done across the decades - loud, dysfunctional and distinctly bound by a general lack of commitment to anything or anyone.

But look a little bit closer and there is something a little bit different about us. You see, we are Generation Y. Or perhaps it would be more fitting to call ourselves Generation ‘why’.


Thirty-one days in which your chances of hearing words like ‘shocktober’ and ‘spooktacular’ go up about 1000 per cent

by Will Corry on October 2, 2014


Chat apps threaten to siphon ad dollars from social media giants / Chat apps “demand attention”

by Will Corry on September 29, 2014

With 21 million people following her on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter, pop singer Ariana Grande can’t personally chat with each of her loves, as she affectionately calls her fans.

So she and many other stars are spreading their messages through new-style social networks, via mobile apps that are more associated with private, intimate conversation, hoping that marketing in a cozier digital setting adds a breath of warmth and a dash of personality.

It’s the Internet’s equivalent of mailing postcards rather than plastering a billboard. [more…]

Immedia and ‘audio art’ – featuring montages of great moments in Wembley’s history.

by Will Corry on September 16, 2014

Latest : Immedia announces that it has signed a contract to provide music and information channels to Wembley City.

The four channels will cover the Olympic Way, the Arena, the Piazza and retail areas. Each channel will include relevant information together with 'audio art' featuring montages of great moments in Wembley's history.

Bruno Brookes, CEO of @ImmediaPlc said:  "We are delighted to announce our new relationship with Wembley City which demonstrates that Immedia's strategy to provide services to new sectors is paying off.  Wembley City is an exciting development with a huge captive audience and we look forward to adding to their customers' overall experience". [more…]

Britney Spears Video – “I am the dramatic beauty of a city at night”

by Will Corry on September 13, 2014

I found this in adRants .... It's been quite some time since we've wagged our tongue over the most popular ad babe of all time, Britney Spears. As you may recall, she's done work for CandiesPepsi, a Japanese tea brand, she's worked with the NFL and, of course, she's promoted all kinds of her own branded products.

Now she's back promoting a line of lingerie, the new Intimate Britney Spears Anemone Collection. [more…]

GoFest 2015 & Promote PR – UK’s first family festival of sport, fitness, dance and health

by Will Corry on September 12, 2014

GoFest 2015 Appoints Promote PR

Sport and fitness specialist agency, Promote PR, has been appointed by Juice Festivals, sister company of Live Communications, as the agency to launch GoFest 2015 – the UK’s first family festival of sport, fitness, dance and health.

Taking place at Surrey Sports Park, 3-5 July 2015, the festival is set to attract 18,000 people over the weekend.  Promote PR’s core activity will be raising awareness of the event through media relations, campaign led activity and stakeholder engagement.