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“Scotland is the host nation for the Commonwealth games this year. But you wouldn’t know on the BBC. Union Flags, Gary Lineker – bizarre”

by Will Corry on July 24, 2014

We give you the misses from the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony via the Guardian

• In its echo of the reference to Brookside's lesbian kiss in the London 2012 ceremony, the Barrowman kiss made us seem a rather prurient nation

• On the eve of Scotland's referendum on independence, the ceremony resorted to clichés of the Loch Ness monster, Irn Bru and a sea of tartan instead of telling viewers something new

• The overhead shots made it look like a good few ticket-holders had decided to plump for a quiet night in front of the telly instead


Video : Penelope Cruz and a new Agent Provocateur Ad

by Will Corry on July 23, 2014


Video : Irn-Bru celebrates the arrival of the Commonwealth Games

by Will Corry on July 20, 2014

Irn-Bru Commonwealth Games Advert  Soft Drink

Irn-Bru has released an impassioned and cinematic advert to celebrate the arrival of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

The video, called IRN In Our Blood, features a good-humored narrative talking about Scotland’s attitudes to sport and it’s status as perennial underdogs, two elements why belie the passion Scotland has for sport and its sporting heroes.

Created by the Leigh Agency, the 1-minute long advert is a rally cry to all Scots in the build up to the Games to back their country and join a long history of impassioned Scottish people in supporting the Games in Scotland.


Google’s Android TV – Will it work? Will it be a success?”/ Lee Baring, adconnection

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014

Will Android TV be the foothold that Google require?
Lee Baring, Account Director, adconnection writes ... You may have seen in the press recently the usual excitement that precedes any new product from Google, Google TV is a-coming and the jumped up little search engine’s quest for world domination continues.
Hand’s up, who’s uses Google TV?
Google’s last try at TV wasn’t exactly classed as a success, the re-launch will drop the name “Google TV” and adopt the name “Android TV”.  The issue with Google’s last try was that their objective was to “fix” our TVs, Eric Schmidt famously bet that Google TV would be present in the majority of TVs by 2012 – hand’s up, who’s uses Google TV?


“The road to advertising people want” / Affectv on the evolution of advertising / Ray Jenkin, Affectv

by Will Corry on July 1, 2014

An article by Affectv on the evolution of advertising by Ray Jenkin, Affectv

We are at a really exciting point in the advertising technology story. The emergence of technology, like real time bidding as a protocol, the demand side and data management platforms, have opened up huge opportunities for finding and engaging audiences in a way that has never before been possible.

Taking a look back at the emergence and growth of audience targeting we can really understand how revolutionary these new technologies are for this industry and also point to the new and exciting opportunities emerging as well as the challenges as an industry we face.


Could you handle this “I feel very embarrassed situation”? / Women for Women Video

by Will Corry on June 29, 2014

Humorous and thinly veiled gun control ad

Latching onto the notion children do not respect boundaries or privacy when it comes to snooping around the house for fun items to play with, this gun safety ad from Evolve features two mothers talking to one another while their children run around the house and play.

When the children run outdoors and into view of their parents, the mothers are horrified to find out their two children are playing sword with a pair of dildos. The ad closes with, "If they find it, they'll play with it. So always lock up your guns." Via Adrants


Women for Women Video : Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker on how to balance work and life

by Will Corry on June 25, 2014

Following the Cosmopolitan seminar at Cannes Lions, Cannes TV  spoke to Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles about why the show spoke to so many people and how to balance work and life.


Binge-viewing, second-screen purchasing, DVR usage, and multiscreen/room consumption

by Will Corry on June 13, 2014

ARRIS Research Reveals UK Consumers are Finding New Ways to Get Entertainment on Their Terms

Binge-viewing, second-screen purchasing, DVR usage, and multiscreen/room consumption on the rise—tracking consumer demand for entertainment anytime, anywhere, on any device, and in any amount

The ARRIS 2014 Consumer Entertainment Index, launched today, reveals consumer demand for personalized entertainment is driving several key trends in global content consumption, with significant implications for tomorrow’s entertainment services.



How to instantly get the entire World Cup schedule in your Google Calendar

by Will Corry on June 11, 2014


CScreens / New eye-tracking tool measures multi-outdoor formats including out of home TV viewing

by Will Corry on June 11, 2014

CScreens, UK's first digital TV extension network, activating and reporting existing TV adverts, across all digital screens, both in and out of home.

A solution that allows advertisers to find out who’s looking at their ads across various out of home locations such as billboards, events and in pubs, is being launched today by CScreens @CbrandsLtd, the UK’s first premium In- and Out-of-Home video network.

Addresses key issue in proving accountability of outdoor advertising .. [more…]