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Blunders : A badly executed new website launch and a definite image blunder from the National Lottery

by Will Corry on August 31, 2014

I checked my potential winnings from the National Lottery on their site this late August Sunday morning.  It was, as usual a lost cause.

However I was also 'hit' squarely with a series of excuses which in my language add up to a badly executed website change over and a big image blunder from the National Lottery.

Read on and you will see a series of things you cannot do until, as they quote 'the new site will be up soon'


How can smart data usage transform your digital marketing?

by Assistant Editor on August 29, 2014

 One of the hardest challenges businesses now face is how to create a two-way, meaningful relationship with your audience. Why? Because digital disruption is redefining [more…]

Getting started with WordPress, Marketing for a Cause, Samsung Galaxy S5, Smart Insights, Psychological triggers in email marketing, Arsenal promotes marketing director, Pipeliner CRM, ‘Sales Reference Library’,

by Will Corry on August 25, 2014


Register for Conversion Conference London – Make sure you use MARKETINGBLOG14 for an extra 15% discount

by Will Corry on August 24, 2014

Register for Conversion Conference , London. Use MARKETINGBLOG14 for an extra 15% discount

TheMarketingblog will be reviewing content and speakers from the Conversion Conference London. We start with 200 techniques for winning customers. The session speaker is Bart Schutz.

We are brains.  And your brain is in the business of convincing consumer brains to part with their money.As peculiar as it sounds, the better you know how to influence their cortical proteins and fats, the higher your conversion rate will be (not to mention, the more money you might separate from your bosses brain!). In this session 4pm on the 29th October Bart Schutz, Chief Persuasion Officer, @onlinedialogue will spoil you with mind blowing scientific insights about your brain.

More articles etc. on the Conversion Conference 2014 [more…]

Silicon Cities: An infographic map of UK’s clusters

by Will Corry on August 24, 2014

A new report from Policy Exchange says that Britain is already benefitting from the growth of technology firms with 1.2million people employed in the sector. The technology sector also received more equity investment than any other sector over the past three years. However, the fruits of this success are predominantly being felt in and around London and the South East.

A recent study showed that the concentration of tech employment in the South East is greater than the national average in as many as 47 out of 66 local authorities, with Wokingham having more than five times the national proportion of technology workers.

In London alone, 21 out of 33 local authorities have a higher proportion of workers employed in technology related roles than the national average.

Between 2009 and 2012, 27% of all new jobs in London can be attributed to the technology sector and there are now an estimated 34,000 tech businesses in the Capital.


Trends in the retail industry / Hi-tech enabled trolleys in Co-Operative Food stores

by Will Corry on August 17, 2014


Women for Women : Barrhead Travel chief Sharon Munro – named one of the most influential women in the travel industry

by Will Corry on August 15, 2014

Barrhead Travel chief Sharon Munro has been named one of the most influential women in the travel industry in the past 60 years by the Association of Women Travel Executives.

The industry body has unveiled its '60 for 60' shortlist of influential women in the travel industry to mark its 60 anniversary.

Munro has been recognised along with fellow industry leaders such as Harriet Green, chief executive of Thomas Cook; Chris Browne, chief operating officer at TUI Travel; Martha Lane Fox, co-founder of and Carolyn McCall, chief executive of easyJet. [more…]

Infographic : Global Web Trends Report Q2 2014 / Netbiscuits

by Will Corry on August 15, 2014

Download the report summary infographic here.


Email Campaign of the Month: Liquidline – August

by Will Corry on August 13, 2014


Video : “A disastrous day turns into the most fun wedding I’ve ever seen” / Hurricane Bertha wedding photos

by Will Corry on August 12, 2014

You have to see these hurricane Bertha wedding photos. A real fun wedding in the end.
When Katy Lomas, 28, and Richard Owen, 34, booked their wedding at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley,  they imagined an outdoor wedding with tons of greenery. Instead, the tail end of hurricane Bertha poured torrential rain on their tents, forcing them to move the festivities indoors and soaking, well, just about everything.

Photographer Jon Dennis captured the couple joyfully turning what could have been a disastrous day into what looks like the most fun wedding I've ever seen.