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Silver Surfers ignore tech-led shopping – Northern Ireland wed to the high street / SmartFocus

by Will Corry on September 15, 2014

We concentrate on an important survey of 2,000 people commissioned by leading digital marketing company SmartFocus,

  • - national survey analyses UK’s digital and analogue shopping habits
  • - shopping preferences strongly linked to age
  • - digital gap widening - Silver Surfers ignore tech vs Generation Y embrace smart-phone shopping
  • - Northern Ireland wedded to the high street - shoppers lie behind the digital curve


B2B Survey : “Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)” / Omobono

by Will Corry on September 11, 2014

Social media is the most effective digital marketing channel in B2B, but marketers struggle with the demands it makes on them, new research reveals

  • Social media held up as most effective channel – 79% rated it as effective (vs. 64% 3 years ago)
  • But only 16% of B2B marketers are confident in their ROI measurement
  • There is a digital skills gap in B2B marketing: 7/10 say their team lacks necessary digital skills


“It all started with a call from a client asking if I could supply CSCO homeowner data” – Andy Chesterman

by Will Corry on September 10, 2014

It all started with a call from a client at the start of the year asking if I could supply CSCO homeowner data. I couldn't, and my research suggested it wasn't readily available to the market...because of this, I decided to start work on creating such a file.


Adknowledge integrates Realeyes emotion analytics platform into online video campaigns

by Will Corry on September 9, 2014

Adknowledge, a global digital advertising company, today announced a worldwide partnership with Realeyes, an emotion analytics platform that measures how people feel and react when they watch video content.

Adknowledge /  @Adknowledge can now offer advertisers detailed reporting on how audiences respond emotionally to video campaigns the company delivers across social, mobile, apps, games and sponsored content.  Founded at Oxford University, the Realeyes platform enables marketers to make better decisions across the three key stages of video advertising – testing the creative, planning media spend and analysing the performance.  [more…]

Nielsen cracks DNA of new product success by analysing 12,000 FMCG launches; names 7 best

by Will Corry on September 9, 2014


Lucozade Energy Pink Lemonade - Declared European Breakthrough Innovation Winner for 2014 by Nielsen

Nielsen examined 12000 FMCG launches in Europe going back to 2011 and found that 76 per cent of them failed to survive one year.

Report outlines the critical steps needed to achieve ‘breakthrough innovation’, and identifies seven recent launches as iconic successes

Thousands of new product launches fail in their first year, costing businesses millions of pounds, yet manufacturers can reverse these outcomes by changing their approach to innovation - according to a major European study launched today by Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy.


Barclaycard to acquire payment and loyalty specialist The Logic Group

by Will Corry on September 8, 2014

The Logic Group @TheLogicGroup announces today (Monday 8th September 2014) that it is to be acquired by Barclaycard. This includes The Logic Group’s UK and Spanish businesses, laying the foundations for a global omni-channel, managed payments service and customer loyalty group that will build on the company’s heritage as one of the most highly regarded businesses in its field. [more…]

Research / Shop vacancies hit four-year low / The Local Data Company

by Will Corry on September 7, 2014

The equivalent of 400 new shops reduced the vacancy rate on British high streets to the lowest level since 2010 last month, research revealed today.


McCann Research : The ‘Truth About Shopping’ study found that 52 per cent of people think shopping is too impersonal these days

by Will Corry on September 5, 2014

As retailers continue to struggle with the balance of bricks and mortar and digital events Karl Bates dives into a recent McCann’s global study to take the pulse of consumer behaviour. Via mUmBRELLA

While many are proclaiming a slow death of traditional retail at the hands of the internet, the truth is it’s only the traditional retailers who don’t get it that are “getting it” from online alternatives. As our recent Truth About Shopping global study shows, traditional retailers who have innovatively evolved their offerings to embrace digital technologies are more popular with their customers than ever.

Here are some of the more relevant nuggets and what they mean for brands and retailers:


15 smart growth hacking tactics you simply can’t ignore

by Will Corry on September 4, 2014

You could be forgiven for thinking that growth hacking is merely a set of tricks and tactics employed by start-ups to realise extraordinary growth in as short a time as possible.

And, while this is one way to describe growth hacking, the concept itself is actually more of a mind-set and it focuses on the specific marketing methods and tools that start-ups utilise to help them grow.

Inspired by this post at, here are our top 15 growth hacking tactics that you simply can’t afford to ignore:


A new Nielsen report shows that brands are targeting very narrow audiences digitally, but in doing so, they are acutally missing a bigger audience

by Will Corry on September 3, 2014

  • While the ad industry has embraced conventional audience ratings as a method for determining the reach of their online ad campaigns, new trend data from Nielsen indicates that brands are basing their digital audience buys on increasingly narrower  MediaPost

  • The data suggests that marketers target more narrowly with digital media than with television, and that as more advertisers begin utilizing digital media ratings, they gravitate toward increasingly narrower segments.

The data, which comes from the second annual Online Campaign Ratings Benchmarks report being released today, shows that the percentage of campaigns targeting broad demographics declined from 40% when Nielsen first bench marked the marketplace last year to 36% this year.