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E-commerce : 20-40% of all clothing purchased online is returned – Srishti Dhawan, Pragma

by Will Corry on March 30, 2015

Fit to bust  ... It is estimated that approximately 20-40% of all clothing purchased online is returned, and these numbers vary drastically across categories. While t-shirts and menswear get a low rate of return, dresses can account for 60% of the returns.

Initially retailers focussed on making their delivery models more flexible, encouraging shoppers to buy, try and return. The problem with this solution is that no matter how easy the retailer return/delivery policy is, customers still need to invest time and effort in making that return, and often end up in a physical store for the final purchase. This is evident in the rise of click and collect, particularly in fashion.


No to festivals, high-end brands and budget supermarkets – new youth brand report

by Will Corry on March 28, 2015

New youth brand report reveals students’ brand choices


New study : The viral impact of events: Best practices to amplify event content / FreemanXP

by Will Corry on March 25, 2015

Live events provide an authentic platform with which to engage and expand audiences and fully galvanize brand communities.

Savvy marketers extend the reach and frequency of their messaging by amplifying face-to-face programs through strategic digital marketing plans that harness the immediacy of brand experiences, and expand their range of influence and scale.


“Providing credible and clear benefits of your products is vital” / SPA Future Thinking

by Will Corry on March 25, 2015

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Making claims about your product provides a strategic route to driving brand value and sales. Providing credible and clear benefits of your products is vital. Claims can be used for grabbing attention on shelf, providing a key USP, influencing purchase and re-enforcing loyalty. Acceptance of any claim is largely determined by personal beliefs relating to the claim as well as by the perceived fit between the product and the benefit.

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Shopitize’s Chris Newbery explains the brand marketing opportunity in mobile

by Will Corry on March 23, 2015

Why you need to move with mobile

Last week the mobile industry descended on Barcelona to Mobile World Congress. With entire halls dedicated to apps, marketing and the latest mobile connected technology, the show is no longer a place just for mobile manufacturers. This year we saw bikes, cars, smart remotes, NFC payments and even a ‘connected’ bottle of whisky.

FMCG brands should be taking note of what goes on here. All of the announcements point to growing connectivity between brands and shoppers, with the smartphone at the centre of this connected world. These innovations are set to make it even easier for customer engagement, and if brands don’t engage with shoppers then chances are someone else will.


New survey shows that Brits prefer Greggs to Caffè Nero, Costa and Starbucks

by Will Corry on March 23, 2015

Starbucks might be the king of coffee shops, and Costa might wear the crown in the UK, but it turns out British people are more partial to a hot beverage from Greggs.

The bakery chain scored highest for value in a national poll of 4,500 people, ranking second on friendliness of staff, speed of service and store cleanliness.

Overall, Greggs performed better than Caffè Nero, Costa and Starbucks, bested only Pret A Manger, according to the Market Force Information survey, which asked consumers about their satisfaction in eight categories at a range of coffee shops and whether they would recommend the brands to others.


How to convert a B2B lead into a sale

by Will Corry on March 22, 2015

If you’re doing your inbound marketing right, you’ll be converting your website’s visitors into leads as they hurry to download your latest content offer giving them the information they need to solve an issue.

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Magnetic launches with a new microsite and a study called ‘The Rules of Attraction’

by Will Corry on March 19, 2015

Magnetic launches with a new microsite

Magnetic, the marketing agency for magazine media, opens its doors to advertisers today with an objective to prove the growing power and influence of magazine media and its value to advertisers.

It is supporting the launch with a new study called ‘The Rules of Attraction’, conducted for Magnetic by Crowd DNA, which offers new evidence that magazine media is benefiting from dynamic developments in the media landscape, which increased opportunities to engage with consumers.


Maximizing the value of your company

by Will Corry on March 17, 2015

If you are an entrepreneur who is interested in maximizing the value of your company, you need to concentrate on four key business areas, These areas fall under such categories as:

Sales and marketing , Operations, Finance and Budgeting, Legal Compliance and Contracts

Needless to say, when it comes to selling a company or maximizing the value of your company, you will eventually have to answer the question, "What is my business worth?" Knowing where you stand, whether you are selling a limited company or want to sell a company where you act as a partner, will enable you to see your way clear if you have a good grasp of how specific business areas should be run.


Important news for brand managers. Are you looking to engage #digital mums? Check this new newsletter

by Will Corry on March 16, 2015