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Revealing data-driven marketing trends worldwide – New research from @TurnPlatform

by Will Corry on May 20, 2015

Turn have released its Advertising Intelligence Index report, revealing data-driven marketing trends worldwide from April 2014 through March 2015, compared with the same period last year – April 2013 through March 2014.

Overall, the last year shows significant growth in the programmatic marketplace thanks to broader adoption of programmatic buying on all channels around the globe. As brands and agencies embrace programmatic, the landscape for mobile and video has seen increased spending and growing competition as EMEA and APAC markets continue to mature towards stable levels of high competition. [more…]

Research : Family and experiences are key to winning the hearts and wallets of the affluent global middle class

by Will Corry on May 17, 2015

Economic growth and rapid urbanisation are swiftly expanding the number of people in the affluent global middle classes. New research from Collinson Group reveals distinct motivations and attitudes amongst this group which go beyond traditional demographic and geographical boundaries.

Today’s affluent consumers place a higher priority on family, altruism and enriching experiences (69%) ahead of luxury products and short-term satisfaction. [more…]

Three marketing trends driving Victoria’s Secret’s success .. Louise Flett, Inkling London

by Will Corry on May 16, 2015

Lingerie as a category is booming and Victoria's Secret is leading the way by tapping into the trends shaping the shopping habits of today's female consumers, says Louise Flett, co-founder of strategy and research unit Inkling London. [more…]

Research : International retailers have chosen shopping centres as locations for their first UK stores

by Will Corry on May 15, 2015

The latest BCSC/ LDC vacancy monitor has found the number of shops in UK shopping centres trading as ‘multiples’ has increased in the last year, with the data showing a rise of 1.3 per cent in the number of ‘multiples’ and a corresponding 1.3 per cent drop in the number of independent shops.


Operators are planning to block online adverts on their networks

by Will Corry on May 15, 2015

Mobile operators blocking online ads from Google [more…]

Research – Millennials in the UK are shunning social media when it comes to insurance

by Will Corry on May 14, 2015

Only 16 per cent of Millennials said that searching social media for good or bad reviews of products was an important factor in influencing the purchase of insurance.

Price (70 per cent) was confirmed as the top reason for selecting particular insurance brands


Cashback websites research : UK shoppers spent £16.5billion through ‘deal’ websites in 2014

by Will Corry on May 4, 2015

In UK, online sales through price comparison websites drove about 10% of all ecommerce retail sales, according to recent statistics.


Research : Moms shopping for baby gear are swayed by online recommendations

by Will Corry on May 4, 2015

A survey from BabyCenter finds that nearly two-thirds of upper-income millennial moms are influenced by online recommendations when shopping for baby gear.


Events : Do you want to be clued up on the latest ecommerce, multichannel, social media and mobile debates within the fashion industry?

by Will Corry on April 30, 2015

Do you want to be clued up on the latest ecommerce, multichannel, social media and mobile debates within the fashion industry?   On Friday 15th May AW Fashion Vertical Specialist, Susie Whitby will be on hand from 11-12 to answer any, and all of your fashion questions.


B2B Marketers : “The absolutely vital survival-kit tools for measuring digital marketing success”

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015

Five Essential Digital Metrics

Karen Hall from Connecting Element writes .. There’s a plethora of digital marketing measures out there, all of which are useful in one way or another – but which are the ones you rely on the most? We’ve outlined our favourite five across all channels; considering web, email, social media and more. [more…]