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Domino’s Pizza will be advertising via London taxis for the first time – Arena Media

by Will Corry on April 26, 2015

In a campaign full of media firsts, planned and bought by Arena Media, Domino’s Pizza will be advertising via London taxis for the first time, as well as via podcast platform, Acast.

Running from Friday 24 April, Domino’s branding will appear on London cabs, with the humorous creative, by Iris making, it look as if cabbies are Domino’s delivery drivers.


Spotlight on the Giant iTab / The first big 50 article special from theMarketingblog

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

It's simple : Click on this graphic for the 50 news stories

New : The Giant iTab / A big 50 article special


Security of information : SP Group awarded ISO27001:2013 certification for information security

by Assistant Editor on April 23, 2015

Point-of-sale (PoS) specialist SP Group today announced it has achieved the joint ISO/IEC27001:2013 certification, part of the family of global standards helping organisations keep information assets secure.


Food delivery from the premium restaurants sector – 2 very fresh news stories

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

1  The premium take-out space in Europe continues to heat up as a number of startups target parts of the market that Just Eat, Foodpanda and Delivery Hero aren’t yet catering for. Namely, food delivery from premium restaurants that don’t traditionally offer a take-out and delivery service.

The best funded is the U.K.’s Deliveroo, which earlier this year raised a $25 million Series B round led by Accel Partners — money it pegged for European expansion. Today the London-headquartered startup is making good on that promise, launching the service in Paris andBerlin, following a quiet launch in Dublin earlier this week.

2  JUST EAT today announces the appointment of Barnaby Dawe as Chief Marketing Officer.

Barnaby brings with him a wealth of experience, having spent over 15 years leading the marketing strategies for some of the UK’s most exciting and iconic brands, including Sky, Channel 4, Heart FM, The Sun and The Times newspapers. Prior to JUST EAT, Barnaby was Chief Marketing Officer at HarperCollins Publishers and has been consulting a range of retail and e-commerce brands to drive growth through marketing, brand and digital strategies.


A truly pawsome idea – “Check-in to this feed for your own amewsment”

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

Cats are a staple of internet entertainment.

Scroll through your social media feeds and it won’t be long before you stumble across a feline, frolicking around on your screen; but up until now, the cat has merely been the subject and not the creator, leading Whiskas to ask, what do they get up to when we’re not looking?


Hot Ad Girl is back : “What is Panera Bread trying to do… promote bad manners, people eating like pigs?”

by Will Corry on April 23, 2015

Q: Who is the hot girl in the Panera Bread ‘Broth Bowl’ commercial?

A: Elle Anhorn

Introducing Panera Bread's new Asian-inspired broth bowls. Choose from a delicious Soba Noodle or Lentil Quinoa Bowl steeped in our umami soy-miso broth.

And with ingredients like fresh spinach, kale, chicken and mushrooms, you'll want to slurp them with gusto! Good thing we've got new oversized spoons to help you out.


The importance of measuring mobile app engagement

by Will Corry on April 22, 2015

With the increased use of mobile applications amongst consumers, Chris Hill, SVP of Marketing at Mobidia, highlights how marketers can utilise valuable insights into mobile app usage to determine the level of engagement with their users and that of their competitors.


Tesco results – “Getting all the skeletons out of the closet early on” Prof Crawford Spence, Warwick Business School

by Will Corry on April 22, 2015

Professor Crawford Spence, of Warwick Business School comments on the Tesco results

Tesco posts record £6.4bn annual loss

These figures are absolutely huge - nearly the biggest loss in UK corporate history. However, they need to be understood in context. They  relate mostly to asset write-downs rather than poor trading performance.


“63% of people want a home fragrance that offers more than one scent” / Air Wick Life Scents

by Will Corry on April 21, 2015

  • Amanda Lamb stars in the new fragrance campaign for Air Wick - She is captured in the plush shoot by Vogue photographer Willy Camden
  • Amanda Lamb partners with Air Wick for new Life Scents launch.  Stunning fragrance inspired shots celebrate the first constantly changing fragrance

    Following consumer research which reveals 63% of people want a home fragrance that offers more than one scent,1 the new Air Wick Life Scents range delivers a constantly-changing, multi-layered scent sensation, creating an authentic true to life scent experience and helping to turn a house into a home.


    Train station product sampling works – Sally Durcan, Hotcow

    by Will Corry on April 20, 2015

    Train station product sampling works. Let’s start with some statistics. Did you know that three million of us use the train every day?

    Or to put it another way, every year nearly twice as many people (123 million) use Liverpool Street Station than Heathrow Airport; and that number is rising all the time.

    Whether it’s for work or leisure, that’s a lot of potential customers, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by experiential marketers.