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14 brilliant outdoor ads, Game changing trends in content marketing, Grocery shopping secrets, Most popular apps – Dynatrace, Russell Brand’s letter

by Will Corry on December 20, 2014

14 Brilliant Outdoor Ads, Game Changing Trends in Content Marketing, Grocery Shopping Secrets, Most Popular Apps - Dynatrace, Russell Brand's Letter


Hey, Coca-Cola, is this the right way to sell milk?

by Will Corry on December 18, 2014

Fairlife Milk A Little Too...Milky

Fairlife’s new milk adverts are unoriginal & tediously . There is what's pretty overtly wrong with this and then there's the underlying symbolism, which is even more disturbing. You don't need to be a radical feminist to see some pretty shocking commodification and objectification of ladies going on in this ad, which is only one in a series. Not to mention that one of the models is now suing.


Experiential:The death of the high street,the birth of online sampling / Response One

by Assistant Editor on December 17, 2014

By Jonathan Hall, Experience Marketing Executive, Response One – a St Ives Group company

The great British high street has long been a staple arena for experiential marketing. Live product demos and sampling tours are present in every city centre up and down the country.

But as the high street slips into further decline and faces an “evolve or die” ultimatum, the question has to be asked, is experiential marketing still getting bang for its buck from these traditional campaign locations? [more…]

The ‘Top 10 compelling ads’ from high street retailers as revealed by measuring people’s emotions via their facial reactions / @realeyesit

by Will Corry on December 16, 2014

Here's a story on the 'Top 10 compelling ads' from high street retailers as revealed by measuring people's emotions via their facial reactions. Note: The data is actual measured data - not based on a survey/questionnaire.

John Lewis’ “Monty the Penguin”is the most compelling Christmas ad by a high street retailer, according to a study by Realeyes @realeyesit which measured people’s facial reactions as they watched ads.


‘Lucy’ M&S Video : I predict ‘viral’ slow burner for this ‘Womens’ Lingerie Buying Guide’

by Will Corry on December 16, 2014

❄ M&S Christmas 2014 say ... Get the right lingerie for the women in your life. Get confident this festive season with our fabulous lingerie range:

Watch the video.


Christmas ads : “Making sure it’s their video that generates the most interest” / Holiday Hypermarket

by Will Corry on December 15, 2014

For most brands, the Christmas campaign is crucial and as usual this year, the big guns have piled significant resources into making sure it’s their advert that generates the most interest.

John Lewis went with the story of a little boy and his penguin pal, Sainsbury’s marked the centenary of World War I with their much discussed footie-playing soldiers, and Waitrose had us cheering on a determined young gingerbread maker.


“Blog of the Week” : A man’s guide to shoes for winter 2014

by Will Corry on December 14, 2014

A man’s guide to shoes for winter 2014


Experian Data Quality Research : Black Friday – British consumers spent an estimated £810 million in a single day

by Will Corry on December 11, 2014

According to figures from Experian and IMRG online traffic on Manic Monday (8th December) saw a massive 149 million visits to UK retail websites and consumer spend hit an estimated £666 million following the all-time record breaking figures of Black Friday. [more…]

Video : Five middle-aged men wearing tacky Christmas sweaters walk on stage and no one was sure what they had in store

by Will Corry on December 10, 2014


“A real threat to our industry” – On-pack promotions could breach Patent and cost a packet

by Will Corry on December 10, 2014

Brand owners and agencies planning on-pack offers in 2015 need to be aware that their campaigns may be in breach of a European patent which could cost them thousands.

The patent, originally issued to the now extinct online reward scheme, covers the use of codes printed on promotional packs and till receipts or vouchers that is then linked to the ward of a prize or reward.

If the consumer  enters the codes onto a website or via text or post, and once validated, they then have the chance to win a prize or reward this is likely to be a breach of the patent regardless of whether it is an instant win, prize draw or competition mechanic.

Contact for more details.