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New offering from Meetrics reveals why ads aren’t viewable

by Will Corry on November 30, 2015

Here is the latest industry development regarding the ad viewability issue -

Meetrics has launched a new offering that reveals why ads aren’t viewable and have received certification from ABC against JICWEBS principles


“Wakey Wakey to digital and experiential convergence”

“Wakey Wakey to digital and experiential convergence”

by James on November 26, 2015

The convergence of social media with wider digital media offers marketers reach beyond what is possible through any other media and is well reported and [more…]

Black Friday: UK shoppers set to miss out on 3-billion-points earning opportunity

by James on November 25, 2015

Consumers look at more than price this Black Friday as loyalty and rewards rank highly among motivations for online shoppers

According to a new UK study of more than 1,000 online shoppers, ‘brand loyalty’ (49%) and ‘reward points on offer’ (33%) are high on the list of motivations for shoppers to press the buy button on Black Friday, behind the best deals on offer (68%).

The research suggests companies need to be thinking beyond price in order to differentiate themselves from competitors and get the most out of the biggest online shopping event of 2015.­­­


The benefits of data integration for your business

by Will Corry on November 25, 2015

Data integration is fast becoming an essential tool for any modern business. If you're still searching through piles of paperwork to find forms from the 80s, or struggling with an outdated accounting system passed down by the previous generation of staff, it’s time for your business to step into the modern age.

That means combining all of your resources into a fast, secure, central location. Here are some of the many reasons why you should upgrade to data migration software today.


When and what is Cyber Monday?

by Will Corry on November 25, 2015

You might be well aware of Black Friday and the brilliant deals (not to mention occasionally violent scenes) that it produces, but Cyber Monday is hardly any less of a fixture in the shopping calendar, albeit with one big difference: it's an online-only affair.


Event technology can add professionalism and solve problems / Giant iTab

by Will Corry on November 23, 2015

Even the most seasoned event planners can become overwhelmed without proper help. This is where technology comes into play.

The Giant iTab is a touchscreen tablet solution designed to take advantage of today’s rapidly growing world of event showcasing, digital engagement and e-commerce.


Do you know the most shared ads of 2015?

by Will Corry on November 19, 2015


VCCP Media has bought adconnection in a deal that will treble its annual billings to £50 million

by Will Corry on November 19, 2015

Catherine Becker, current CEO of adconnection becomes CEO of VCCP Media and Nick Baum, MD.  Paul Mead will be the Chairman.

Adrian Coleman, one of the founders of the ad agency VCCP, describes it as "reintegration". Others call it the return of "full service". But the thinking behind this week’s acquisition by VCCP of Adconnection, to create a top 20 UK media agency, is clear.

VCCP wants to reunite media buying with creative and all other disciplines, such as public relations, content creation and sports marketing, under one roof

Picture .. Catherine Becker and Nick Baum of adconnection.


Marketing decision makers : This superb infographic has a list of top email blunders .. very, very useful

by Will Corry on November 18, 2015

Kevin Monk of Email Monks writes ... I wanted to touch base with you to share one of our recent resources (an infographic) on email marketing blunders.

Why email blunders? Well, as you know most brands are involved in email marketing these days, being one of the leading channels that drive ROI. In such a scenario, sometimes brands fall prey to blunders leading to a poor reputation and an “Oouch+Oops” condition. [more…]

3 perfect ways to engage your local community in your marketing

by Will Corry on November 17, 2015

Any successful business will have a marketing strategy; even if they don’t know it. Many sole traders will tell you that all they do is place an ad in the local paper and that they never seem to run out of work.

The truth here is that they may get some work from the paper, but it is word of mouth that is selling their business.