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Why consumers don’t care – Contagious Communications

by Will Corry on April 16, 2014


With Airbnb’s latest round of funding destined to make billionaires of the founders - the first to be spawned by a ‘sharing economy’ startup - a Cass Business School .....


The Knights of the Roundabout – the famous names of London’s Tech City

by Will Corry on April 16, 2014

Mind Candy founder: Michael Acton Smith

Part 1 of The Silicon 60: a who's who of London's tech start-up scene

The Knights of the Roundabout, these are the famous names of Tech City.

Some were there first; all are right at the centre, right now.


Haygarth launches mobile responsive site for Rachel’s Organic

by Will Corry on April 16, 2014

Creative agency Haygarth @We_Are_Haygarth has designed and launched a fully responsive new website for Rachel’s Organic – Rachel’s identified a mobile site as the next logical step in their consumers’ journey.

Following a full website refresh for Rachel’s two years ago, Haygarth was tasked with designing and building a fully responsive site for Rachel’s core consumer base of upmarket, affluent and stylish women; aged 30 to 65. The new website is the latest digital investment for the brand undertaken by Haygarth. [more…]

Top social sales thought leaders and their specific strategies, tips and /or examples of using sales intelligence and social media

by Will Corry on April 15, 2014

Jon Ferrara (CEO, Nimble)

"Sales intelligence boils down to any information or context you as a salesperson use in the sales process to better establish trust, rapport, expertise and suitability of yourself or your company in order to make the sale. Ultimately, people (buyers) purchase from people they trust and want to do business with you."


Research : Londoners fork out more than twice the amount of the rest of the country on each online order

by Will Corry on April 14, 2014

Londoners spend more than twice as much per purchase online than the rest of the UK

Web users in London spend on average more than twice as much as their provincial counterparts every time they make a purchase online according to new research from Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform @qubitgroup Qubit.  The average online order value in London is £268.00 compared to just £100.23 for internet shoppers in the rest of the UK.

However, this doesn’t mean that Londoners are an easy target for internet retailers – whilst they spend more with each purchase, they tend to be more picky, with an average conversion rate (e.g. the percentage of visitors who go on to purchase) standing at 2.07% compared to a non-London average of 2.32%.


Adyoulike announces major UK acquisition to create European leader in native advertising

by Will Corry on April 12, 2014

London, 11 April, 2014: Adyoulike, @Adyoulike the French native technology platform and network, has announced today that it has acquired Content Amp, the UK’s leading native distribution and content service.

The combined company had a turnover in 2013 of $5million. The expected turnover for what will be Europe’s first pure-play native advertising company will be around $10million in 2014.


Join us at SMX London next month! Inspiring keynote, exceptional networking opportunities, & much more lined up

by Will Corry on April 11, 2014

Events:  Search Engine Land’s SMX London search marketing conference is returning to the UK on May 13-14, 2014. We’ve got a revamped, updated agenda, and have already confirmed dozens of world-class speakers.

SMX London is a can’t-miss event for all serious marketers, whether you’re the CMO or working to implement your key campaigns on a tactical level.

Events : Get your 15% discount code for SMX London 13-14 May 2014


Realeyes wins I-COM Big Data Venture Challenge

by Will Corry on April 11, 2014

LONDON — 11 April — Realeyes, an emotional analytics platform that measures how people feel while they view branded video content has won the prestigious Big Data Venture Challenge award at the 2014 global I-COM summit for the marketing measurement and data industry.

The award is open to data-driven start-ups from around the world that provide solutions for the digital marketing industry. Realeyes beat hundreds of submissions to become one of the 12 ‘Official Selection’ finalists to pitch in front of the I-COM @icomglobal audience and the senior panel of industry judges from around the world.


Ipsos and Realeyes agree global deal for facial coding

by Will Corry on April 10, 2014

Ipsos  @IpsosMORI has announced a global agreement with London-headquartered Realeyes as their provider for Facial Coding and Body Gesture response metrics.

Realeyes provides state of the art, scalable and cost efficient emotional analytics using a platform to measure how people feel while they view advertising and communications content.

Realeyes @realeyesit video analytics are facilitated through regular web or mobile cameras capturing consumer response among consenting viewers.

Emotions are recorded in real-time to provide brands with analysis for profiling universal emotions using machine learning software, as well as physiological measures for attention and heart rate.

Web sites: and . [more…]