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Catch launch Thomas Cook Airlines’ new digital campaign #CatsOnAPlane

by Assistant Editor on May 23, 2016

Thomas Cook Airlines launched its latest digital campaign #CatsOnAPlane today, as part of a wider advertising initiative to highlight the airline’s belief that customers “deserve better” when flying on their hard-earned holidays.

Created by creative and digital agency Catch, #CatsOnAPlane sees a team of furry testers try out Thomas Cook Airlines newly refurbished fleet in a bid to highlight the quality of the airline’s newly refurbished fleet.

The animals were used to test the interiors of both Thomas Cook Airlines’ planes and those from sister airline, Condor, playing on the perception of them being creatures of comfort. [more…]

Basic SEO tips to get you started

Basic SEO tips to get you started

by Will Corry on May 4, 2016

"SEO" means finding ways to increase your site's appearance in web visitors' search results. This generally means more traffic to your site. Intense search engine optimisation can involve complex site reconstructing with an SEO Sydney firm, but there are certain simple steps which you can take by yourself to increase your search engine ranking.

Here are some basic SEO tips to get you started:

1. Your website is like a big cake: Paid search, your links and social media acts like icing and you content, information architecture and infrastructure act as a sugar, which makes the cake. Without it, your website is tasteless, and will be thrown in the trash in no time. [more…]

“How to shorten the time it takes to close that sale” [eBook Download]

“How to shorten the time it takes to close that sale” [eBook Download]

by Will Corry on April 29, 2016

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Faecbook’s new branded content policy spells new age in digital marketing

by James on April 19, 2016

Facebook last week announced a host of changes to its branded content policies signalling new opportunities for brands and rights holders according to Repucom, the trusted advisor in sports and entertainment intelligence.

The new policy allows content such as videos and photos to include promotions, third party products, brands and sponsor logos.

Branded content, which differs from traditional advertising on the social media network, allows brands and the rights holders they sponsor to commercialise content posted on Facebook, helping develop and monetise their own partnerships whilst ensuring the site remains a vital platform for engaging their fans.


Shopitize extends reach to 25 million through partnership with Johnston Press

by James on March 21, 2016

Mobile marketing platform Shopitize has extended its reach to 25 million consumers in the UK thanks to a partnership with publisher Johnston Press.

The partnership will give Johnston Press, one of the UK’s largest publishers with 250 newspapers and associated websites,  a smarter way to build brand loyalty with its readers through a range of rewards, all activated through the Shopitize mobile marketing platform.

With a reach of 25 million consumers, Shopitize is now one of the largest mass reach mobile channels in the UK, where brands can build relationships directly with consumers based on verified purchases of their products.


A day in the life of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with Periscope

by James on March 11, 2016


Facebook is set to pay millions more in UK tax after dumping ploy of funnelling sales through Ireland

by Will Corry on March 4, 2016


Research : Unilever loses its crown as world’s top advertiser to rival Procter & Gamble .. WARC 100

Research : Unilever loses its crown as world’s top advertiser to rival Procter & Gamble .. WARC 100

by James on March 1, 2016

  • 2nd ranked UK has two most effective campaigns in global top 20
  • 55% of the world’s most impactful campaigns are digital-led
  • Campaigns with a cause fill rankings of the world’s most effective campaigns
  • Unilever loses its crown as world’s top advertiser to rival Procter & Gamble
  • Warc 100, break through to appear in the top 10 brands list
  • India’s Tata Group is ninth global advertiser in 2015, up from 32 in 2014


“7 ways to get more from your PPC campaigns” / exclusive download

by Will Corry on February 21, 2016

7 Awesomely Advanced Ways to Get More From Your PPC Campaigns eBook. You can download it HERE >>>>


London Fashion Week : “Twitter has become “so last season”

by Will Corry on February 20, 2016

#LFW2016 : Social media stats from Greenlight

Greenlight has been tracking social media mentions in the month leading up to London Fashion Week 2016, comparing it with the same period in 2015. [more…]