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Average digital salary is £66,944 compared to £37,813 for a non-digital worker

by Will Corry on December 4, 2014

The candidate digital destination digital marketing careers whitepaper from TheCandidateLtd


Programmatic / TV and online ads to be synced via new programmatic offering

by Will Corry on December 3, 2014

Infectious Media integrates new programmatic platform enabling online ads to be served in sync with TV ads

Taps into consumers’ dual-screening habits by triggering display ads to run within milliseconds of TV ads

Infectious Media, @Infectiousmedia the programmatic specialist, has integrated TV synchronisation capabilities directly into its programmatic platform to allow digital display ads to be automatically coordinated with TV ads.Online ads will be deployed programmatically on desktops and tablets within milliseconds of a TV advert appearing.

This allows brands to reach audiences across dual screens, maximising the impact of their TV investments. The technology is able to establish the right time to deploy ads by tapping into a commercial database containing information on TV slots for over 2,000 channels, across 60 countries.


Mobikats launches Beura iBeacon mobile marketing platform

by Will Corry on November 30, 2014

App developer Mobikats has launched its Beura iBeacon platform, allowing retailers and others to track audiences in real space using heat mapping, engage them in real-time and deliver tailored messages, from reward points to service information.

Phillip Hunt, CEO of Mobikats, says: “Our vision is for Beura to become a data platform that understands audiences’ unique needs and services those needs, in real-time, real-space environments.”


Black Friday frenzy leads to the question – Should we be prepared to queue online?

by Will Corry on November 29, 2014

Author: Mike Austin, CEO of Triggered Messaging

Very early on Friday morning before braving the rush hour traffic I decided to take a sneak peak at the Black Friday deals.

First port of call was Currys to check out some gadgets, but instead of the home page I was greeted with advice that due to website traffic demands I had been placed in a queue and the wait was over one hour.

Tesco and a number of other retailers had a similar approach.Black Friday special issue of theMarketingblog


Two-thirds of corporates expect to increase use of digital by 2016 but admit to knowledge gap

by Assistant Editor on November 28, 2014

Research from Gather @gatherlondon, a strategic corporate communications consultancy, shows a clear disparity between organisations’ intention to ramp up digital and social media communications to their key audiences, and their understanding of how to use the channels strategically – raising concerns the message could get lost or distorted.

Two-thirds (65%) of business decision-makers said they expect to increase their use of digital media to employees, customers, investors and influencers in the next two years. The same percentage stated they expect to increase their use of social media to the same audiences, over the same period.


Content Marketing and Events: Setting up the model and driving revenue

by Will Corry on November 26, 2014

Content Marketing and Events: Setting Up the Model and Driving Revenue from Joe Pulizzi


News about Talking Men’s Shoes, Stay Sourced, Display Wizard, Outstanding Entrepreneurs, Get Taxi, Shoppost, Jacobs Creek, Full Tilt

by Will Corry on November 24, 2014


Facebook’s changing its news feed algorithm again

by Will Corry on November 23, 2014

  • Facebook’s Changing Its News Feed Algorithm Again Facebook has announced it will once again adjust its algorithm (on January 1, 2015) to show fewer posts from brand pages that appear to be “overly promotional.”
  • According to this analysis from Ars Technica, Facebook made this decision after surveying users and learning that “hard sell” ads really aggravate them.


Latest news about – Motivcom, NewVoiceMedia, Sodexo, The Market Creative

by Will Corry on November 21, 2014

Read our full article with all the details

Sodexo, a leading provider of Employee Benefits and Rewards services, is pleased to announce that, following a public offer published on 12th September 2014, it has successfully acquired Motivcom


The top 10 trends in affiliate marketing for 2015 / Affiliate Window

by Will Corry on November 20, 2014

Affiliate Window have sent us their latest research. They say .....

We've just released our latest white paper looking at the top 10 trends in affiliate marketing for 2015 featuring lots of data/stats, industry opinions, and projections.