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Watch : Leaked Westminster power battle

by Will Corry on May 7, 2015

Top personalities from the main political parties have been secretly filmed letting off some steam away from the campaign trail in a karaoke rap battle, in fake mobile phone footage obtained by EE.

The 90 second clip shows leaders battling it out on the mic in an oak panelled room off Whitehall to ‘The Power’ by Snap!. The video shows what appears to be some of Westminster’s top bods dressed in their campaign best letting off steam ahead of the big day  [more…]

adconnection – the latest campaign for Maplin across TV and digital

by Will Corry on May 2, 2015


The “scientists” and the “artists” – The skills needed for modern marketing

by Will Corry on May 1, 2015

eBay Advertising’s Alessandra Di Lorenzo discusses the need to merge science and creativity in today’s marketing landscape

A decade ago, there were no smartphones on sale and untargeted, broad-brush campaigns were at the heart of advertising. The way consumers shop has changed drastically since then and we as marketers have had to evolve accordingly.


5 reasons to implement social media marketing

by Will Corry on April 30, 2015

The last 10 years have seen social media bursting onto the scene and making an impact on a number of industries.

While it may have started out as a way to connect with old friends and university classmates, it’s now expanded into an effective tool for marketing, and it’s bringing new developments with it, such as the plethora of smartphones we have available to us.


Total Attribution allows Data2Decisions to rigorously evaluate the whole media mix and help clients understand the consumer journey

by Will Corry on April 30, 2015

Data2Decisions, the global marketing effectiveness consultancy, today announces the launch of a new modelling approach, Total Attribution, across its global network to measure and optimise all media and quantify how media influences the consumer journey to drive sales. [more…]

Events : Do you want to be clued up on the latest ecommerce, multichannel, social media and mobile debates within the fashion industry?

by Will Corry on April 30, 2015

Do you want to be clued up on the latest ecommerce, multichannel, social media and mobile debates within the fashion industry?   On Friday 15th May AW Fashion Vertical Specialist, Susie Whitby will be on hand from 11-12 to answer any, and all of your fashion questions.


Mums doing what they do best – TALKING (Blog Brunch Event)

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015

Digital mums flock to Talk to Mums blog brunch event on the 24th April to get face time with brands and hear interesting speeches around healthy, happy families.

A full account of the session and some top tips from mummy bloggers on how to work with them and from Talk to Mums.


Be sure to come over to see us for a touching experience – Giant iTab

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015


B2B Marketers : “The absolutely vital survival-kit tools for measuring digital marketing success”

by Will Corry on April 29, 2015

Five Essential Digital Metrics

Karen Hall from Connecting Element writes .. There’s a plethora of digital marketing measures out there, all of which are useful in one way or another – but which are the ones you rely on the most? We’ve outlined our favourite five across all channels; considering web, email, social media and more. [more…]

Research : Affiliate Marketing & Lead Generation generates £16.5bn in consumer spend

by Will Corry on April 28, 2015

Advertisers spent £1.1bn on “Online Performance Marketing” in 2014; up 8%
Consumer spend due to OPM rises 14%
Advertiser ROI increases 6% to £15 per £1 spent
4 in 5 Britons online have used a website employing OPM techniques [more…]