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See the Divinyls ‘I Touch Myself’ turned into a touching breast cancer PSA

by Will Corry on April 22, 2014

Women for Women : See the Divinyls 'I Touch Myself' turned into a touching breast cancer PSA | Fresh Marketing News |

In April of 2013, Dininyls frontwomen Chrissy Amphlett died from breast cancer after an ultrasound and mammogram missed the cancer. Later, Amphlett found a lump on her own through self-examination. Watch the video.


Women for Women : Can a simple patch make you feel better about yourself?

by Will Corry on April 10, 2014

Dove has long shown an impressive ability to have it both ways: encouraging women to respect their natural beauty while also selling them a litany of beauty-enhancement products. Now, the Unilever brand  is going even further, essentially saying every aspect of its industry is a scam.

In this new spot—the newest of several marketing stunts inspired by the success of the brand's "Real Beauty Sketches"—we see women being offered an unbranded "beauty patch" that will help them generally look and feel better. Via Adweek


Women for Women : Getting women to buy, Digitally enhanced models, Downton Abbey and sexual politics

by Will Corry on March 31, 2014

Here are three of our best read 2014 Women for Women articles. Enjoy them ...
Important news for UK marketers - We will be making April 2014 the Women for Women month in theMarketingblog. Send us your content so that we can load it into our sites.
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Women for Women : UK could miss women on boards target / Davies’s steering group chief

by Will Corry on March 26, 2014


Women for Women : How many female board directors are employed by PR companies?

by Will Corry on March 13, 2014

Sarah Hall writes ...

Through the fantastic response to last Friday’s #CIPRCHAT and recent coverage in PR WeekThe Drum and Communicate Magazine, I know many of you are fully up to speed with the CIPR’s commitment to tackle equal pay and gender balance in PR.

In terms of an update, work is pushing on apace, with a view to more information being available following the CIPR Council meeting in April.

Some great work is also being carried out elsewhere. In the course of this last week PR Week has opened up entries to its Top 150 Consultancies guide and consultant editor Claire Murphy has confirmed that they are asking entrants to say how many female board directors they employ.

Although the question is optional, the aim is to gather a picture illustrating which agencies are actively promoting women into leadership positions and it is hoped there will be enough responses for the results to be statistically significant. Recent PR articles etc. from theMarketingblog.


Movers and Groovers : WDMP has appointed Louise Roberts to create and head up a new account group

Movers and Groovers : WDMP has appointed Louise Roberts to create and head up a new account group

by Loudmouth PR on March 11, 2014

Following a number of new client wins including Prudential, Just Retirement, F&C asset management and the University of Southampton, recent DMA Grand Prix winner WDMP, has appointed Louise Roberts to create and head up a new account group. Roberts joins WDMP from direct and digital agency TBCH where as a Group Account Director she was directly responsible for a number of high profile accounts including; Three Mobile, Bentley Automotive and Princes Trust. [more…]

Women for Women : Using models who haven’t been digitally enhanced

by Will Corry on March 9, 2014

The Aerie Real campaign is aimed at using models who haven’t been digitally enhanced.

The company hopes to make normal women feel good about their bodies and is even asking women to use the #AerieREAL hashtag to share photos of themselves.   The lingerie brand, American Eagle’s sister store, is aimed at young women, in the hope they’ll have a better sense of body confidence from the campaign.

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Women for Women : Coppafeel causes a great deal of controversy

by Will Corry on March 8, 2014

In what is either a very smart or a very naive move breast cancer charity Coppafeel, which encourages women to check their breasts for signs of cancer, has linked up with The Sun’s Page 3 for a campaign that brings Page 3 to page one today.

The campaign will undoubtedly garner huge attention for Coppafeel among the young female demographic they’re aimed at and as well as the front page of Britain’s most popular newspaper they’ve already appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s show on morning TV. However, internet commentary is already suggesting that they’re being used by The Sun to give legitimacy to the much maligned Page 3. A request for readers to tweet pictures of them holding their breasts won’t help. [more…]

Women for Women : ‘Fresh Start’ Nigella Lawson has posed without her familiar vamp makeup and hair

by Will Corry on March 4, 2014

The magazine’s former food editor has posed without her familiar vamp makeup and hair, Nigella Lawson’s ‘makeup free’ Vogue cover but looking every bit as confident as she did with her ‘courtface’ on. Read more

Photograph: Nathaniel Goldberg/Condé Nast [more…]

Women for Women : Want to win the favour of women – then go to the social hubs where female audiences hang out

by Will Corry on February 27, 2014

A helpful free book by Insights in Marketing . The book Getting Women to Buy: Better Insights to Transform your Marketing, helps marketers decode the personalities of women buyers by organizing them into five categories or prototypes who adhere to certain predictable buying codes.

Chris Holt writes ... Women wield considerable buying power across all categories of goods, and analysts predict they could collectively spend $7 trillion annually by 2020. For those who are not effectively marketing to women, it means they will lose out on opportunities for revenue and growth.

Insights in Marketing found that women are unsatisfied with how many companies pitch their goods to them. Businesses who want to win the favour of women must learn to go to the social hubs where female audiences hang out and master the behavioral protocols to entice those women to become fervent brand ambassadors.